Editor’s note: Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension to the Supreme Court drew much comment from our audience, but so did the unexpected news that Nikki Haley will leave her post at the United Nations (not to mention the “Gosnell” movie and the #WalkAway movement). Don’t forget to write us at [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Sorry to see Ambassador Nikki Haley leave the United Nations, as Fred Lucas reports (“4 Questions About Nikki Haley’s Departure as UN Ambassador”). She has done a terrific job advancing U.S. values and interests at the U.N. and has a sky’s-the-limit future.

I can understand her wanting to spend more time with her family and relax after several years in the public limelight.

She would be an awesome president, if that opportunity presents itself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see leftists howl if she becomes the first female president?—Bert Chapman


The left now uses Nikki Haley’s resignation as another example of “chaos” in the White House. Sure, the timing is shocking, but I admire her for giving three months’ notice.

If you work for a business, the expectation is a two weeks’ notice. This makes it less of a chance of having no one in place. Good luck, Ms. Haley, and thank you for the exemplary service you have given America.—Karin Callaway, Florida

The mainstream media is off on another witch hunt, as they somehow got Haley’s resignation letter, which is dated Oct. 3. However, they fail to listen when the president said she told him about six months ago—told, as in speaking to him.

That would indicate that the letter meant nothing other than formal notice to validate her discussion with him. I wish the press would investigate the Democratic National Committee or some of the socialists who are running for office.—Timothy Dayton


Nikki Haley is one person in today’s political world who I have a lot of respect for.—David Blakeman, Dolan Springs, Ariz.


Sad to see Nikki Haley go, but I’m not one to argue with her. She handles herself very well before an antagonistic world. I wish her all the best and can’t wait to see her in action some day in the future.

Have fun with your children, Ambassador Haley! It’s every bit as important as being ambassador to the U.N.—Jack Harbaugh

Trump Returns to the United Nations

Dear Daily Signal: This is my take on Fred Lucas’ report, “7 Top Takeaways From Trump’s UN Speech for Friends and Foes Alike.” When President Trump said we would fund 25 percent of the United Nations, I immediately thought of an argument environmentalists make.

Environmentalist say the U.S. has 5 percent of the world’s population (actually it’s less), but consumes 30 percent of the world’s energy resources. Let’s say we do have 5 percent of the world’s population. Then we should contribute only 5 percent of the U.N. budget, and not a penny more.—Ken Marx


We are the ones who started the U.N. It’s a waste of money.—Rhonda Reichel


I can’t see the need for giving a bunch of little countries an equal vote on important world matters. These are the countries in greatest need of being protected with the least ability to contribute much of anything to the organization.—Drew Page


Great job and speech, Mr. President. You could cut off foreign aid and U.N. funding, and see how hard they laugh.—William Geyer


Trump is a much-needed catalyst and force to end European Union and Russian-type globalization. Globalization led to two of the worst world wars in human history.—Redigo Gubernatio


I got to watch a rerun of Trump’s address at the U.N. Fantastic speech. Not sure how anyone could support being told what to do by random foreigners. It’s a joke.—Charles Lumia


President Trump is the best president the U.S. has had in many years. We should withdraw from the U.N. and send them back to where they come from.


Have these people take some, if not all, anti-Americans with them. Let the haters live in these other countries.—Pamela Thielen

The First Lady Travels to Africa

Dear Daily Signal: Finally, a proper first lady to represent America on the world stage (“24 Photos of First Lady Melania Trump’s Trip to Africa”). May God be with her.—Jim Turner


So proud of Melania. She represents our country well.—Mary Alice Whetzal


Her smile is contagious. Such an awesome first lady, and all lady.—Karin Callaway, Florida


What a beautiful smile!—Herman Mueller

Facing the Truth About the Kermit Gosnell Case

Dear Daily Signal: The edited transcript of Daniel Davis and Katrina Trinko’s conversation with producer Ann McElhinney about her movie “Gosnell” was excellent in quickly and clearly portraying the horror of an evil that lives and moves daily in the undercurrent of our culture (“The True Story of Kermit Gosnell and His Victims”).

The specific details of Kermit Gosnell’s activities at his Philadelphia abortion clinic and the government/media’s lack of action painted a striking picture of a society that you would expect to find in a Tom Clancy novel, and are shocked to find is right here in the present world.

As someone who has been following abortion in America for decades and thought I knew something about Kermit Gosnell, after reading  your article I can admit that I was actually clueless. Of equal concern was to learn, in a spontaneous survey of 20 or so members of my church, that about half knew about Gosnell.

May that change to some degree in the weeks and months ahead through the movie “Gosnell”—for the good, though painful, awakening of our nation.—Steve Wyzga, Gaithersburg, Md.


I don’t think I can go see “Gosnell,” but I applaud Ann McElhinney for making the movie starring Dean Cain and Michael Beach. This story needs to be seen and exposed.

This is the reason for all the state laws requiring abortion clinics to be sanitary and abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital. As for pro-lifers caring about black babies in the womb and not when they’re born, as some pro-choice Americans argue, we seem to care about them more than the politicians who have been in charge of some of the worst cities for blacks for decades.

We want these children to have loving parents and a good education and to make something of themselves, not be destroyed by Margaret Sanger’s ideological minions before they have that chance.—Erica Fry


I completely support filmmaker Ann McElhinney and believe her work is extremely important. I don’t think I could personally watch a movie like this, however. I would be haunted for days by those images.

Even reading about what occurred is deeply disturbing to me. I can’t even watch ASPCA commercials, because human cruelty to the weakest and most vulnerable so disturbs me. I cannot imagine humans doing these heinous acts to human babies.

I weep at the very thought. God bless every single soul snuffed out by these soulless, heartless creatures.—Teresa Barrett


The insanity of the part of society that condones slaughtering babies but then gripes that their voter base is dwindling.

Kermit Gosnell is the poster boy for the KKK, which couldn’t dream of killing as many blacks as he did over 30 years. Evil truly lives among us.—David Gray, Houston


Terrible thing, being so careless with a job that is so important. However, Kermit Gosnell is hardly a serial killer, let alone the worst America has seen.

Let’s hope this isn’t just another attempt from the lunatics to take away a woman’s right to decide what happens with her own body. Let alone take away her right to spare an innocent child the life of pain it is to be unwanted.—Simon Bastholm Elsvor


I feel angry toward many other women on the issue of abortion. Babies are all gifts from our Lord.

I hate the part of society with extremely loose thinking, such as women who don’t seem to think of any consequences when they have sex. It is because an abortion is available. We have millions of women who are loose with the very gift they have from the Lord.—Yasuko Kearney

 Mob Wails as Kavanaugh Joins Supreme Court 

Dear Daily Signal: I would have liked to have written this to Brett Kavanaugh personally, but I’m guessing he gets a lot of hate mail and that my letter would be inspected and perhaps never get to him (“Senate Confirms Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court, 50-48”).

I just want to, first, apologize to him for the left’s and Democrats’ treatment of him as President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. It has raised incivility to a new high. No one should ever have to endure such treatment—even if one is applying for the job, which he wasn’t; he was just accepting an offer (and an awesome responsibility).

I can’t imagine his being treated any worse if he’d actually come out and struck down Roe v. Wade himself, because that’s how they were treating him. He can’t help it if he was born into privilege with white skin and male gender, but at least he accepted noblesse oblige, à la the Kennedys, and became a civil servant. To preserve his class’s power and status, some cynics would say.

When President Trump first published his list of candidates, I read their bio blurbs and picked Kavanaugh myself as the best choice. It was pretty obvious, I thought. So I’m glad he made it, and I have to give him kudos for still wanting to do the job.

The whole episode of Kavanaugh v. the Democratic Party was just another exercise in leftism. They are so scared of him because they so much depend upon the government to tell them who they are and what they can do.

The Democrats are the party of adolescence; young people are almost always liberal/left wing because they’re still in that mindset of “Mom and Dad are supposed to take care of me. They provide for my needs and give me their approval, no matter how rebellious and weird I am.”

As a gay man, I cherish being recognized legally as sharing property with another man and enjoy the tax breaks of the married, and being able to visit him in the hospital as “family.” But I don’t care if it’s called “marriage” or not (“a rose by any other name … “).

The marriage-equality folks just wouldn’t settle for equality in action; they had to have equality of name or it wasn’t “real.” And so they kept pushing and now there’s a backlash. They never learn; and so I walked away.

And I am grateful for The Daily Signal’s reporting that keeps me apprised of things Big Media doesn’t let me know. Congratulations, Justice Kavanaugh.—Bob Anderson, Las Vegas


Thank you to the Republican senators, and Democrat Joe Manchin, who voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Thank you for not giving in to the mob, which has no use for the presumption of innocence.

Thank you for not accepting the claim that women can’t lie, or make a mistake. Thank you for not supporting the absurd idea that to have doubts about the unsubstantiated claims of criminal sexual assault by any woman is equivalent to disbelieving all women who have suffered such assaults and have not been given the chance to be heard and to be taken seriously.—Drew Page


I am sure critics of Brett Kavanaugh are without any guilt or sin whatsoever, that they can judge him guilty without due process. Guilty until proven innocent. What if this had been you?—Doris Gray


I’m watching on TV as Judge Kavanaugh gets to the Supreme Court to be sworn in and the liberal animals are swarming up around the top steps of the building. They are vicious animals, that’s for sure.—Ginny Murrell, Rancho Murieta, Calif.


Are important decisions now being made in response to hysterical, misinformed, screaming protesters? Should protesters representing one view and one party dictate what we do?

Pass restrictions on protesters inside government building and in hearings. Severely fine protesters who are disruptive inside government buildings. Severely fine members of Congress who give them passes; perhaps take away their privilege.

I hope everyone will write Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a nice note of thank you.—Pat Ellis, Clinton, Miss.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, was not a profile in courage in this process. She sided with uncorroborated allegations instead of evidence and facts. Seriously, 12 years on the second-highest court in the country, and she couldn’t approve him.—Dan Ulseth


In the past two years, and especially the past 30 days, we have seen the tip of how government would be handled if the socialist Democrats were in charge.

This is frightful to see our Constitution wadded up and used in the outhouse, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has showed us. Feinstein and the other conspirators are just a taste of what is to come if our young people are not educated in history and the results of a minimal education.

I am fully aware there are politicians and educators who are proud of “No Child Left Behind” legislation, but I believe you do not have to be an academic to understand what the results were.

Anyone with a little common sense could have told you what the results were going to be. I could believe George W. Bush would not know but his wife, being a librarian, would surely understand the consequences of this action.—Claude Pugh


Why did the Senate tolerate mob outbursts during the Kanvanaugh proceedings?

The Constitution defines the fact that as a people we have the right to assemble peaceably, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It clearly states “peaceably.”

After so many disruptions, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room should have been cleared and then some method followed to let those in who would restrain themselves.

I am concerned that as a nation we are letting the bullies get the credit, when we should be shaming them for their unwillingness to assemble peaceably. Again, many in the Senate and House don’t know the Constitution.—Grant Richter, Columbia, Ill.


The left hates Brett Kavanaugh simply because he is a nice guy and tells the truth, and they can’t comprehend that.—Robert Albanese


The FBI failed miserably by not interviewing Kavanaugh’s roommate who saw him straight-trashed drunk many, many times. Kavanaugh lied and said he didn’t drink that much. He’s a liar, and has no business on the supreme Court.—Robert P. Pruitt


Christine Blasey Ford may not want to pursue any more claims, but that doesn’t mean congressional investigators are done with her and those connected to her.—Terry Shields Sr.


May the healing for the Kavanaugh family be deep and powerful. We the people are profoundly grateful for such a victory.—James Bryson

What the Supreme Court Will Look Like Now

Dear Daily Signal: Hans von Spakovsky’s commentary (“How Justice Kavanaugh Will Change the Supreme Court”) is the only one I’ve seen so far taking a real look at what the new 5-4 Supreme Court majority will mean.

He is right in saying marriage laws should be left up to the states. He is also right in saying the government should not be allowing racial preferences.

Not discussed was the constitutionality of Social Security and other benevolence programs. Not since these were implemented, starting in the 1930s, has the Supreme Court been conservative or constitutional. Will they revisit the constitutionality of these federal government programs?—Joey Smith


Those who seek to justify the Supreme Court’s extraconstitutional role do so by arguing that the Constitution is a living document subject to reinterpretation to fit the constantly changing times.

It’s a bogus argument. A trick. A fraud on the American people who would demand their sovereignty be maintained, but instead have it stolen out from under them.—Jeff Kimble


One of the most critical reasons we need a Supreme Court that protects the Constitution is that we need to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

As the left becomes more extreme every day, there is little doubt that if they gain back the three branches of government, that they plan a reign of terror on folks on the right.

I have never seen such hatred for such a huge segment of the population as what we see today. They will get violent. They will use force, and we will fight back.—Anthony Alafero


Kavanaugh is likely to uphold the freedom of exercise of religion as specified in the Constitution.

Some talk about “women’s rights of conscience.” What does that mean? Freedom to murder their unborn at will? That freedom is not found in the Constitution.

The so-called “right to privacy” relating to abortion is a farce. By that reasoning, I am free to murder my spouse as long as I do it in the privacy of a bedroom.—Jim Mandi

Rule of Law Prevails Over Rule of the Mob

Dear Daily Signal: I read Katrina Trinko’s commentary, “A Win Against the #MeToo Mob.” I understand from Rush Limbaugh’s radio program that the FBI’s six previous  background checks on Brett Kavanaugh started around the time he graduated from college.

If that was the case, and if these incidents happened in high school or college as these women who accuse Kavanaugh have said, why wasn’t it brought out back then or why didn’t the FBI uncover these allegations?

It’s all about the left believing that if Kavanaugh got on the Supreme Court, he would take away their cash cow, Roe v. Wade. In other words, abortion.—Bennie Payne, Enid, Okla.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office in the Hart Senate Office Building is just two floors above Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley’s office. She, or her staff, could have walked Ford’s letter down to Grassley’s office in a couple of minutes once they received it.—Bert Chapman


This is sort of a disgusting thesis the right-wing media and Katrina Trinko are promulgating. Your claim is that women who come forward with claims of sexual assault and rape are a “mob” and are liars.

This is highly offensive to many people, especially to survivors of sexual assault and rape, both those who have come forward and those who have not. And it is very comforting to those who have perpetrated such crimes and offenses.

The right-wing media, and The Heritage Foundation’s pseudojournalists, have found new ways to represent moral repugnance in a favorable light.—John Levin, New York


Totally scripted. One of the people Christine Blasey Ford had contact with prior to her letter being released admitted to having a “strategy” to derail the nomination, and the strategy would have been directed to anyone nominated.

George Soros is helping pay protesters because the left can’t get sane people to participate.—Joseph Blow

Rally Makes Appeal to Disaffected Democrats 

Dear Daily Signal: This is a response to Rachel del Guidice’s story on the “Walk Away” movement and the Oct. 27 rally set for the nation’s capital (“Rally in Washington Will Urge Disillusioned Democrats, Leftists to ‘Walk Away’“).

I was born in Alabama in 1955. During my first 21 years, there was no Republican Party to speak of, and the state was run solely by Democrats, including George Wallace.

When Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976, I was proud that a fellow Southerner made it to that high position. But then Carter’s presidency was so disastrous, and Ronald Reagan’s was so successful, that I “walked away” from Democrat ideology.

Since then, the Democrats have shifted further to the left and have become more radical, and at odds with the ideals and values that made the USA great.

I don’t understand why anybody would still vote Democrat, especially in light of Donald Trump’s leadership and accomplishments in his first 20 months in office.—Randy Jordan


We were always Democrats in our state, and our state back when I was growing up was racist. I still remember how people would talk about blacks.

Now we are voting Republican and would never vote for the baby-killing racist Democrats. I know what they are because I lived with them through my childhood. We broke free of the Democrat plantation years ago.—Emma Keyser


The sad part is that so many drank the Kool-Aid and waited so long to finally admit this is a great country with a few hiccups.—Randall Heyden


You know why Republicans don’t need to be urged to “walk away”? Trump’s Twitter feed is doing enough. Seriously, Republican congressional leaders fear that if he can’t keep his yap shut he’ll cost them both the House and the Senate.—Edward Buatois


“ICE are thugs,” another winning plank in the Democratic platform, is my thought on Jeff Walyus’ commentary (“Democrats Are Leaving Their Party in Droves. Conservatives Should Pay Attention”).—Randy Reeves


 California seems dedicated to committing financial suicide.—Drew Page


Democrats would leave their party in droves if the GOP stood for what it claims it does.—Cal Johnson

That Woodward Book on Trump’s White House

Dear Daily Signal: It doesn’t matter what is true, is my reaction to Fred Lucas’ story on Bob Woodward’s new book (“6 Denials of Claims in Woodward’s Trump Book Before Its Release”). What matters is what it can be made to look like.

Democrats make up false allegations and then demand the Justice Department investigate those allegations. For two years, the FBI has been trying to find proof that Trump colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 election. These “investigations” by the FBI, and then special counsel Robert Mueller and his team, have shown no proof of such alleged “collusion.”

What they have found is proof of collusion with the Russians to influence the 2016 election on the part of the Democratic National Committee. Yet neither the Justice Department, nor the FBI, nor Mueller and his team have chosen to investigate the proof of what the DNC did do, but continue to look for proof of what Trump did not do.

The same thing is going on with the Woodward book. He makes allegations, but offers no proof. Does Woodward have tape recordings of his interviews with the people he alleges made these comments? Are these negative comments on tape? If so, let’s hear them.

Woodward says he would have never published the “anonymous” op-ed piece that appeared in the The New York Times, had he been in a position to do so. I believe he made that claim to make himself seem more “ethical,” yet Woodward did the same thing in his book.

Woodward has been a critic of Trump since Trump ran for the presidency. He doesn’t like him. He believes he has found a way to revive his former glory by bringing down another Republican president.—Drew Page


Thank you to Fred Lucas for being a brave man to report counterarguments to Woodward’s book. What makes Woodward the voice of what is supposed to be rightful thought?

Woodward states something from gossip and that makes it a fact? His fact-checking leaves much to be desired and doesn’t come close to journalistic integrity.

Shame on him. Kudos to you. I’m not afraid to identify myself.—Deborah G. Flynn, Medford, N.Y.


This is not the first time Woodward has told lies in print. Back in the Reagan administration, he invented a fictitious, deathbed conversation he claimed he had with then-CIA Director William Casey, in which Casey allegedly claimed he knew about the Iran-contra affair.

Casey’s physical condition had declined to such a point that he was unable to speak and was under 24/7 guard, which would have made it impossible for Woodward to enter his hospital room.—Bert Chapman


Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have sacrificed their character and integrity to gain publicity and favor from the radical left. They have created a self-inflicted, mortal wound to their reputation from Watergate fame. They have engaged in similar activities before, but this one will drive a stake through their hearts.—Randy Leyendecker, Kerrville, Texas


Just because Woodward wrote one big book 40 years ago doesn’t automatically give him credentials or make him an expert on politics or Trump.

With the Democrats running amok in every conceivable instance possible, I believe nothing that comes out of the innuendo and smear campaign of the left without incontrovertible evidence. And so far, every instance of all the garbage they have splashed about Trump from the beginning is baseless.

This is just one more phony “Spartacus” moment and the morons on the left will eat it up like they do everything anti-Trump. They have already openly declared their preference for socialism, rescinding taxes, kissing the cheeks of Iran, North Korea, and Russia, free health care and education for everyone, a higher minimum wage, and banning all guns.—Ron Coleman


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This and That 

Dear Daily Signal: I read your posts and enjoy them. Thank you for making your news platform informative. I can’t stress how much “fake news” I’ve seen since Trump was elected.

Trump has been draining the swamp, even though the liberal media won’t stop attacking him. He has done an amazing job with our economy. He and his administration brought awareness about the social injustice of illegal immigration and many other things.

If liberals or the left hits me back about their freedom of speech, I no longer will be afraid to speak back louder, with truth and with conviction.

I will continue to support Trump. I also support minorities and women. I’m a 33-year-old Asian male living in Seattle, a liberal city. I am not a liberal but a conservative and pro-life my whole life.—Lam H. Ho, Seattle


As a conservative, I appreciate your information. It amazes me that so many people are deceived by the left. I appreciate what this president and his administration stand for.

Trump’s choices in Jay Sekulow, Rudy Giuliani, and many other conservatives put this country back on track, as it was when I was a teenager. Now 70, my eyes are totally open to what Obama, Hillary, the deep state, and the swamp were trying to do: Pad their pocketbooks at the expense of Americans, and turn this country away from being a Christian nation.

Being a Christian nation doesn’t mean we have to be ignorant of un-American leaders. I am grateful for the Trump administration. Churches need to tell their people to vote based on biblical standards, with No. 1 being the abortion issue. Keep up the good work.—Rick Rosier, Portland, Ore.


I love The Daily Signal website and visit it frequently. I don’t read everything I want because it gets onerous to navigate. The initial page shows maybe a dozen articles and at the bottom it suggests “show more.” So far so good.

If you read an article and click “go back,” you are returned to the top of the first page, not where you were. If you are several pages down, you must go back to the first page, scroll to the bottom, click “show more,” scroll to the bottom of that page, and click “show more,” etc. You get it.

No other site in the world does not take you back to where you were when you go back.  I know, because I checked all sites in the world.

Love your writing and writers.  Keep up the good work.—Dave Podesta


I appreciate being able to peruse the news, thanks to you. I hope that because of President Donald Trump many disgusting liberal ideologies, including about gender and same-sex marriage, will find their proper resting place in the garbage containers of history.—Konrad David Kryca, New York


The Daily Signal’s Morning Bell today is nothing but videos, and what is far worse, YouTube videos. I happen to be a literate person. I don’t do videos. Keep up the bad work and I will very shortly be unsubscribing.—Alan Ainsworth, Leadville, Colo.


Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorHow Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for your good reporting on everything. I am thankful that I somehow found The Daily Signal.

I am 73-year-old mom and grandmom. I am distressed with fellow Christians who are bowing out, they say due to upsetting news and so on. They need to get The Daily Signal.

How can you inform churches, youth groups, and others and let them know about The Daily Signal? I was thrilled to hear Steve Doocy on “Fox & Friends” give you a plug.—Millie Kirschner, Philadelphia


I look to The Daily Signal every morning to say what I know to be the truth.

I was so happy to hear Sen. Susan Collins’ speech to the Senate. She hit a home run in my opinion.  She defined perfectly why Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed.

Thanks for all you do. You help me keep the faith.—Susan Rose, Reisterstown, Md.


You post excellent articles, opening eyes to what is going on in our country. I don’t always take time to read all of them, but appreciate them anyway.

I just wish there was a way to forward individual articles, as many people won’t read or subscribe to your site. Thanks for the good work.—Leilani Montez

Editor’s note: To forward an article, simply click on the “envelope” icon between the main photo and the headline.


Keep up the great work bringing true and accurate news and commentary to the people of the United States. It’s refreshing to get to read accurate accounts even if we can’t get it from the mainstream media, which is a sad case.—Marvin Hall, Flowery Branch, Ga.


Thanks for your across-the-board stories and commentaries on what America is doing and thinking. Hard to find these days, but mature America needs this and more.—Don Nash

Thanks for your publication. Well done.—Kathy Dessureau 

Love the topics selected and the embedded video. Good work.—Julia Lynn

Nice work. Please continue.—Tom Moore, Indiana

Love you all at The Heritage Foundation, the only place I get my news that’s not fake.—George Porter

As long as you report the whole truth, then you will be trusted.—Angela Selden, Adairsville, Ga.  

Thank you for your truthful and concise articles. I am not able to donate at this time. At some point, I definitely will.—Deborah Stokes

Troy Worden and Sarah Sleem helped to compile this column.