CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A group of North Carolina parents are joining forces to fight the Obama administration over its policy that forces public schools to allow transgender students into restrooms, showers, and locker rooms that are opposite from their biological sex.

“It’s not safe for my daughter,” Tammy Covil, a mother from Wilmington, N.C. told The Daily Signal.

The parents, part of a nonprofit called North Carolinians for Privacy, allege in a lawsuit filed May 10 against the Department of Justice and the Department of Education that the federal government is forcing them to choose between their children’s privacy and educational future.

“This is tantamount to extortion,” said Donica Hudson, a mother of three from Charlotte, N.C., “to threaten to take away our public funding, for education no less, if we don’t allow them to come in and jeopardize the safety and privacy of our children.”

The lawsuit comes in response to the Justice Department threatening to revoke federal funding from North Carolina’s public school system if it does not comply with the Obama administration’s interpretation of Title IX, which bans discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational institution that receives government funding.

Watch the video to hear from two mothers, and read more about the lawsuit here.