Ted Cruz thinks the Republicans won on Tuesday because of candidates’ positions on Obamacare and immigration reform.

“If you look at what Senate candidates ran on all over the country, the number one issue was stopping Obamacare and the number two issue was stopping President Obama’s amnesty [for illegal immigrants],” the Republican senator from Texas told Fox News in an interview that aired Election Night.

“If Republicans are going to keep the trust of the people who elected us, we need to deliver on those promises,” Cruz added. “So with Obamacare, I think we should start by using [budget] reconciliation to pass complete and total repeal.”

Cruz agreed with Fox News’ Bret Baier that Obama would likely veto a full repeal of Obamacare–and the president himself promised to do so in a news conference today.

“If that happens,” Cruz  said, “we should then systematically repeal the most onerous parts of Obamacare.”

He was coy about whether he would vote for Sen. Mitch McConnell, currently Senate minority leader, to be majority leader.

“That’ll be a decision for the conference next week. I’m not aware of anyone who’s running against him,” Cruz said.