Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., traveled to the Texas border with Mexico last weekend to get a close-up look of the border crisis. In an exclusive on-camera interview with The Daily Signal, Bachmann describes what she saw, supported by video and photos that she shot with her iPhone.

Among images Bachmann caught on video during her “eye-opening” visit with Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa: Smugglers, called coyotes, bringing a pregnant woman across the Rio Grande.

Bachmann would not say how she would vote on the House’s $659 million emergency spending plan for the border, on which action is expected today. A larger solution is needed, she said,  because President Obama is “giving lawless direction… and failing to enforce border protection whatsoever.”

“The bills in front of Congress don’t stop the problem,” Bachmann said. “The kindest, most compassionate thing we can do is to build our fence, secure the border for the safety of the American people, deport people immediately on the spot, and tax [their] remittances. We gotta protect our people.”

Patrick Frank, a contributor to The Daily Signal, produced the video.

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