As Roe v. Wade repeal looms, video game industry stays mostly silent” is an actual headline from The Washington Post, a formerly reputable newspaper that seems to have gone completely insane in its support of abortion rights. 

As pro-abortion and pro-life activists continue to spar over the future of Roe as a Supreme Court ruling in another abortion case approaches, the radical left and its media allies are beginning to put the screws to companies to toe the line and come out in favor of abortion

Some large companies have done so, seemingly of their own volition. Amazon, as well as Microsoft, Airbnb, Apple, and Citigroup are just some of the businesses that have announced they will pay out-of-state travel costs for employees to get abortions if the state they live in curtails the procedure.   

But to leftists, nothing but complete and utter obedience and obeisance will suffice, so they’ve moved on to pressuring companies to support their policies even if the industry has nothing to do with their cause du jour.  

“The Washington Post contacted 20 major video game companies about whether they planned to make a statement regarding Roe’s potential repeal or provide employees with monetary aid in places where abortions would no longer be available,” the article states. “Only Microsoft and Activision Blizzard responded with statements.” 

What possible purpose could this “news” article serve other than as an attempt to browbeat these companies into submission?  

The Post attempts to guilt the titans of the gaming industry by noting their prior political action.  

“This silence is especially conspicuous following the industry’s … support of causes like Black Lives Matter in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and anti-Asian hate as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the Post wrote. 

So, because game companies foolishly waded into political fights in the past, they are now beholden to support leftist causes until the end of time?  

The connection seems particularly tenuous given the completely different nature of those prior issues compared with abortion. In the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death, support for Black Lives Matter shot up, and many companies made statements of support.  

Once cities began to burn, and Americans started to sour on the Marxist group, those same companies quietly distanced themselves from the movement.  

On anti-Asian sentiment, being against hate crimes is not a particularly controversial or brave position to hold. Conservatives and liberals concur that people shouldn’t be attacked because of their race and that violence against innocent people is unacceptable. 

Of course, companies shouldn’t be weighing in on these types of matters in the first place. My enjoyment of the latest Mario game is independent of Nintendo’s opinions on climate change.  

When Mario isn’t jumping on turtles or saving princesses, the radical left demands he share his opinion on abortion. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

But to the left, who will politicize every aspect of the human experience, it’s not enough to make a product. Uber can’t just transport you from point A to point B anymore; it must shill for leftism. And of course, video game companies can’t just make games anymore; they must support abortion

The radical left’s obsession with absorbing everything into the all-consuming void of its politics should be immediately recognized by business as toxic.  

Abortion is an extremely polarizing issue, so a business that takes a position on it one way or another is going alienate a lot of people and thus lose money. 

The Post then attempts to frame game companies’ refusal to push for abortion rights in moral terms. 

“Right now, game workers just want some semblance of stability with Roe v. Wade’s potential repeal threatening to rock their foundation,” the article reads. “A commitment to reproductive health care from their employers, in their eyes, would at least be something.” 

Overturning Roe would indeed be a foundation-rocking event, but why is it now a game company’s responsibility to console its left-wing activist employees? Especially when those radicals are calling for the killing of the unborn? 

Gaming companies would be wise to ignore calls from the likes of The Washington Post to wade into deeply contentious issues, such as abortion. Frankly, they should stay out of politics altogether, but short of a full withdrawal from the culture wars, this is really an issue where they should butt out. 

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