Editor’s note: The issue of separating children from adults who cross into America illegally, and Maxine Waters’ related call for incivility, prompted a wave of comment from our audience. Let’s begin with a sampling. Don’t forget to write us at  [email protected]—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: What a stupid protest, as reported by Jeremiah Poff and Katherine Rohloff  (“We Went to Families Belong Together Protest. Here Are  Things We Saw”). Go round up all the relatives of people doing time and throw them in jail too, so the family will be together.

Your neighbors are afraid to come to your child’s birthday party? Why are they here illegally using stolen information?—William Geyer


Why did it appear the majority of sign holders and other people attending this rally were women? I’ll tell you why. Because women don’t think. We feel.

And when you make a decision based on a feeling, it isn’t for the good of the other person … it is to make you feel good about yourself. The epitome of selfish.

Obey the law and you won’t ever have to worry about being separated from your family. Common sense. Something that is lacking in too many women.—Carolyn Gray


What I want to know is, how far back does the brainwashing by the schools go? I see several seniors in the crowd, and I don’t recall any of my teachers trying to brainwash me. But then, I didn’t go to college, thank God.—Al Lejdly

This is what happens (a truly stupid conglomeration of people) when the general population is dumbed down by decades of far-left propagandizing through the government’s educational system and a self-aggrandizing media devoid of high journalistic standards.—Gerald Sornee, Florida


They care, all right. With other people’s money. And they also care about “fundamentally transforming this country,” as these are the same kinds of people who voted for that Marxist pursuit, and did so twice. What a bunch of cretins.—Bill Napier

 What Congress Should Do About the Border

Dear Daily Signal: This is in response to David Inserra’s commentary, “How Congress Can Stop Family Separation at the Border Without Allowing Amnesty.” The U.S. can enforce its laws and keep families together, but only if Congress acts. And therein lies the problem.

Congress has become ineffective in fixing problems. They seem more concerned about making the other political party look poorly than actually working together in the best interest of their constituents. As long as this goes on, the country suffers the consequences.—Wes Potts


“Congress should provide money for appropriate detention facilities.” What that really means is that the taxpayers will be the ones paying for the facilities, not Congress.—Jerry Marcantel


No, none of that will work. Here’s what will work: We limit the number of asylum-seekers that we take in a year to say 20,000 and that’s it. You apply at the U.S. consulate, you get approved, you get to come to America. Otherwise the borders are closed.—Kay Daniels


The easiest way to keep families together is to stop giving non-Americans welfare. They will stop crossing our border. It’s all about the money. Stop the money, stop the invasion.—Alice Teague


How about building the wall, and patrolling the borders? All those who are here already can stay in Nancy Pelosi’s house. She can feed them and care for them.—Paul Brna, Marlton, N.J.


That proposal seems very reasonable to fix the problems with Illegal aliens, parents and children. However, we should still build the wall, because with an open border they will continue to come here and not elsewhere.—Mike Lette Haight


The solution is easy. When a family of illegal aliens is apprehended, deport all of them immediately. They can remain together as long as they wish.—Paul Sloan, Corsicana, Texas

Assigning Responsibility for Family Separation

Dear Daily Signal: The parents are accountable for placing these kids in this situation and environment at the southern border, as Hans von Spakovsky’s commentary indicates (“Who’s Responsible for Separating Alien Kids From Their Parents? Many People, but Not Trump“).

The politicians are responsible for allowing this to continue by not enforcing the law and instead making “illegal” activities appear legal for visually political gains.—Juan L. Bassett, Germantown


Illegal is illegal. I’ve known people who went to prison and never saw their children again. And these were natural-born U.S. citizens. So why are illegals supposed to be treated differently?—Estell Newton, West Plains, Mo.


Elián González, Sammy Weaver, and the kids from Waco were violently and permanently separated from their families by the Democrats and were unavailable for comment.—Mark Tipton, Guinea

Maxine Waters Is No Martin Luther King

Dear Daily Signal:  About Derrick Hollie’s commentary, “Rep. Waters, You Are Sullying Martin Luther King’s Legacy”: I don’t even want to put Maxine Waters in the same sentence as Martin Luther King Jr.

The majority of Democrats are just like her: I have mine and screw you if you don’t.

Really, the American people must demand term limits. Of course the people in office will complain. They would have to give up all their goodies.

They have to remember we pay them and let them have everything. So come on, people, let’s vote them out of office and demand term limits.—Glenn Saulsbury


I can’t stand this moron, not because of the color of her skin but because of her character. She is actually hurting poor blacks by keeping them dependent on government. Trump is actually doing something to help them by giving them jobs.—Sharon Melvin


I am blown away by Maxine Waters’ hate. This is what’s wrong with America, people thinking it is OK to attack our own people.

She should step down. She is a vile, sick woman. She is part of the reason people are running from the Democratic Party. I have become afraid of them; they have become very dangerous to our country. This is why they will lose by a landslide this fall.—Ronnie Cowlishaw


To my way of thinking, Dr. King was an honorable man. This, I believe, would have hurt him deeply.—Anna Minter, Webster, Texas


Don’t insult Dr. King. He did not incite hatred. What he did, it was done in peace. This woman is a mean, hateful person.

I can disagree with any of you without hating you. There is no respect anymore. She needs to be put out of office.—Betty Davenport, Lafayette, Tenn.

Lincoln on the Threat of  Mob Justice

Dear Daily Signal: About Jarrett Stepman’s commentary, “What Lincoln Foresaw Would Occur if Maxine Waters, Others Got Their Way With Mob Justice”: People call for more government intervention after tiring of local “leaders” demanding rioters be allowed to run their course. Looting leaves store shelves empty and people starving.

“Preppers” and large swathes of red America are unaffected as government leaves store shelves empty while decrying those “selfish and mean” people on the right who do not live within cities for a reason.

Having the majority of the populations in the inner cities, it is put to the vote and voila: The Democrat-socialist police state is born. Our republic dies to the thunderous applause of the dumbed-down masses.—Mark Tipton


It should be noted that our Founding Fathers who drafted the First Amendment had very strong differences with one another, so much so that they had duels with deadly weapons. Yet they agreed on First Amendment rights.—Boyd Richardson


Seems criminally insane. Oh, and you forgot Steve Scalise.—William Geyer

When Businesses Refuse Service

Dear Daily Signal: About Monica Burke’s commentary, The Flawed Red Hen Analogy Shows Liberals Still Don’t Understand Christian Baker Case”: I think the issue is more that the “left” and “right” don’t understand what exactly makes it a natural right for the Christian baker to refuse to serve someone, and what makes it so for the restaurant owner.

The right of conscience and the right of free association exist in both cases. It’s hypocritical for both sides to talk past each other for the sake of “winning” points.—Robert Miller


I agree they have the right to refuse service, but it never makes economic sense to do this. Just look at the number that refuse service to law enforcement, and it always comes back to haunt them.

I think it’s good to find out where these places are so I will not eat there. Red Hen will regret this.Alice Postans, Beaverdam, Va.


The man with the bakery who won his case at the Supreme Court did not refuse to sell the same-sex couple a cake. He just refused to decorate it for their wedding.Charlotte Williams


I agree on the premise of the cake case. However, why can’t anyone who owns a storefront refuse service?

It’s their choice. And if they go out of business, it’s their own fault.

Choice to patronize any establishment is on the consumer. Choice to serve any patron is on the establishment. This is called the free market.Jimmy John Sill

When Government Punishes Christians for Their Beliefs

Dear Daily Signal: My message to Aaron and Melissa Klein about their commentary is that I’m appalled and disgusted that government would use its power to attack Christians (“Oregon Forced Us to Close Our Cake Shop. Here’s What the Masterpiece Decision Means for Us“).

We’re in the food business in Texas. I can’t see that happening here. Of course, it not as pretty as Oregon, but you both would be welcome here if relocation is an option.

I’m sure I read about your case before any judgment was made. Those gay customers could have went to any other bakery and got a cake. Instead they attack for no other reason than to make a statement.

How can I help? You got a good lawyer?—Danny Cox, Texas


All religions are kinda silly, but the “religion” of leftism combines that with a viciousness and intolerance that sometimes approaches Sharia-like fanaticism.

I can’t even come close to understanding the thoughts and motivations of Melissa and Aaron Klein, but, whatever they are, the police-state conduct of the state of Oregon is unspeakably offensive.—Henry Miller


It is so sad to see the rampant disrespect for anyone’s opinions unless they agree with yours. In this case, the vicious attacks on law-abiding citizens such as the Kleins, who are just trying to make a living and present something nice for people. I pray that God will listen to his people and stop this type of bullying by governments.—Karin Callaway

America Challenges the UN on Human Rights

Dear Daily Signal: About Brett Schaefer’s commentary: The United Nations, like its predecessor the League of Nations, is a useless, anti America/Israel cabal that needs to be dissolved and shut down (“US Makes the Right Call to Quit UN Human Rights Council“).

We the American people should demand that the United States defund the U.N. and remove it from American soil. And send all of the bums packing and as they leave pay all of the traffic fines they owe to New York City.—Jim Scofield


The U.N. should be forced to leave the shores of New York City and the U.S. Let them move to Brussels, Johannesburg, or Iran for that matter, as long as the Congress decides to sever all ties with this globalist cabal.

The savings to New York in unpaid parking tickets of U.N. diplomats would be in the millions of dollars. The current U.N. office building could be converted to condominiums.—Thomas A. Livingston, Jamestown, N.Y.


Thank God for the Trump administration. Now let’s get completely free of the United Nations and toss them out of New York City.—Len Young

The Shooting in a Maryland Newsroom

Dear Daily Signal: The commentary by Amy Swearer, 2 Reasons Why the Media Will Drop Coverage of the Capital Gazette Shooting,” is spot on.

I remember the day I realized the mainstream media was manipulating everything. There are many things going on in the world that don’t fit their narrative. This leads to uninformed people making decisions without facts.Linda Pickens, Dallas


The two reasons that jumped out at me, once the information was shared, was that the gunman had a name that sounds Hispanic and he used a shotgun, not an AR-15. So I guess now there are four reasons for the libs to ignore this one.—Ben Willard


If Maryland had Texas-like gun laws, then the deaths could have been avoided. But Maryland shows that gun control laws are dangerous, and warning signals needed to be heeded.Robert Conner


Yep. Just like they did with the lady who shot up the YouTube offices. That one actually went against the narrative.Mike Corrill


My question is: They were saying that this made the 154th mass shooting of the year so far. Haven’t heard about that many, what about you?David Scott, Van Horn, Texas

Trump Hopes to Cut Government Down to Size

Dear Daily Signal: The government has been bloated for so long, as Fred Lucas reports (“Here’s How Trump Wants to Streamline Government“). Previous presidents either wanted to cut it, but couldn’t, or expanded it, more like Obama. It is the best time, with a man who is a doer in the White House.—Yasuko Kearney


Half of those departments should be eliminated.—William Geyer


So far it makes sense. Let’s wait to see the details before giving final judgment. But it does look promising to help downsize big government, reduce the budget, and enforce performance standards for good government employees while weeding out the dead wood.—Mike Lette Haight


Reduce the Department of Education to an inspection agency, nothing more. Delete the Department of Energy; they produce zero energy.—James Michael, Rocky River, Ohio


Get rid of or drastically cut the Department of Education. It is doing nothing. Secretary Betsy DeVos is OK; I have nothing against her. But the department is too big and too bossy.—Karyl Entner, Franklin, Ind.

 Food Stamps and T’Challa’s Homeland

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Jarrett Stepman’s commentary, “Food Stamp Program Funds Initiative Offering Recipes From Fictional Country,” if the place already existed, then the recipes wouldn’t need to be created.

And if making these recipes look cool by being “Wakandan” is what it takes to make kids eat healthier, I say go for it.—Nicolas Santacruz , New York, N.Y.


I think the money should not fund program development at schools. It should be used to fund community-based programs developed at the direction of the recipients, or canceled.—  Robert Wilber, King of Prussia, Pa.


If you cut junk food, doesn’t that sort of limit the choices to more healthy foods without having to pay someone to do it?—Tomas A. Wheeler


OK, I’m usually first to roll my eyes and gripe. But if it inspires people to eat healthier foods, to cook for themselves instead of running on Papa Murphy’s pizza and frozen crap, I’m all for it.

There’s being careful about spending money, then there’s just being a spoilsport.—Jean Johnson

Jeremiah Poff helped to compile this column.