Sen. Roger Marshall was one of only 15 Republican senators who voted against sending an additional $60 billion to Ukraine for its war against Russia. 

“One of my jobs is to prioritize where we’re spending the money,” Marshall says. “And I’m telling you, until we secure the border, I don’t think we should be spending any money outside of this country, let alone on what I’m describing as really Ukraine’s … never-ending war.”

The Senate passed the foreign aid package, which totaled $95 billion and included aid for Israel and Taiwan, on April 23. 

Marshall says that six times he “brought to the Senate floor stand-alone funding for Israel—the opportunity to fund just Israel, to take these issues one at a time. Six times the Democrats blocked that opportunity.” 

“The Democrats used Israel as leverage to get their votes for Ukraine,” the Kansas senator said. 

Marshall joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss what America’s relationship with Ukraine should look like over the course of the next year. The senator also addresses the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests on America’s university campuses and what similarities can be drawn between these protests and the anti-war protests at colleges in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Listen to the podcast below: