The body of 11-year-old Maria Gonzalez was found wrapped in a trash bag and stuffed in a laundry basket under her bed last summer. Police report that Maria was sexually assaulted and murdered while her father was at work, according to KHOU 11.  

Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, is facing murder charges in Texas for Maria’s death. Garcia-Rodriguez was released into the interior of the U.S. in early 2023 after surrendering to Customs and Border Protection.  

Maria’s story is one of about a dozen serious criminal incidents Sen. Roger Marshall shared in a long X thread Tuesday. Each recorded crime is alleged to have been carried out by an illegal alien who entered the U.S. under the Biden administration.  

“The cartels seem to have more operational control of our border than our own government,” Marshall, R-Kan., told The Daily Signal in an email Tuesday, adding that “fentanyl is now killing over 300 Americans a day, and violent crime is skyrocketing.”  

In August of 2023, an illegal alien from Venezuela was charged with raping a woman in front of her young child in Cheektowaga, New York, Marshall reports in his X thread. Around the same time, an illegal alien from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was charged with allegedly sexually assaulting an employee at a Best Western hotel in the same New York community just outside Buffalo. 

“By defying the law and undermining our national security, every state has become a border state,” Marhsall said, adding, “this is not a talking point but the unfortunate reality of [President] Joe Biden’s unprecedented border crisis.” 

The thread on X will be continuously updated with more incidents of serious crime committed by illegal aliens who entered the country under Biden’s presidency, according to Marshall’s office.  

“Each day this crisis continues, the national security threat grows,” Marshall, a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said.  

“We are telling the real stories of this crisis that this president refuses to address,” the senator explained. “In our efforts, we are fighting for the families who have been tragically impacted and hoping to save future families from becoming a victim of the lawlessness embraced by Joe Biden and soft-on-crime Democrats. It is past time for the Biden administration to secure our borders, safeguard our communities, and support law and order in our country.” 

Marshall shared the illegal alien criminal activity X thread less than a week after two mothers testified before the House Homeland Security Secretary Committee and placed blame at the feet of the Biden administration for the death of their daughters.  

“In my humble opinion, Mr. Mayorkas’ border policy is partially responsible for my daughter’s death,” Arizona mother Josephine Dunn told the House committee Thursday, referring to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  

Dunn’s daughter Ashley died in 2021 at age 26 after a drug dealer sold her a pill containing fentanyl.   

“We’re losing our children,” Dunn told the committee. “We’re losing a generation of children. We’re at war. We need our military at the border. That’s what we need. We don’t need more Border Patrol. We need our military at the border stopping the drugs.”   

Mother Tammy Nobles, who also testified, recounted the tragedy of losing her child in 2022. 

Less than a week after Kayla Hamilton turned 20, her mother testified, she was violently killed in her Maryland home by a MS-13 gang member who was an illegal alien. The gang member strangled Hamilton with a phone-charging cord and sexually assaulted her. 

Following the testimony from Dunn and Nobles, all 18 Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee issued a statement in support the impeachment and removal of Mayorkas.  

Axios reports that the House Homeland Security Committee plans to mark up four articles of impeachment for Mayorkas on Jan. 30.  

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