Editor’s note: Our interview with a straight-talking climate change skeptic captured a big audience, and this week’s roundup begins with that. Unrelated question: Have you been pressured to participate in an LGBT Pride Month celebration at work? Tell us what happened by writing letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting a spotlight on Marc Morano’s website and book on climate change with Rob Bluey’s interview (“Q&A: The Politically Incorrect Book That Debunks Climate Change Myths”).

Morano takes a no-nonsense, commonsense approach to explaining this insidious attempt by leftists and progressives to enact their agendas in whatever form they can. When approached with the real facts regarding planetary evolution, they always resort to identity politics.

I urge everyone who has not yet read this book or visited Morano’s site to do so and educate yourself. It is truly eye-opening.—Derek Dubasik


Thank you for the excellent interview and good questions, and for permitting the very brilliant Marc Morano to explain the many facets of his book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.”

I bought a few copies for friends. The book is an encyclopedia of truths about the leftist agenda.

So sad, these facts. Absolute power corrupts governments, and those who are ignorant of verifiable science just do not get the big picture.—Barbara Stockwell

Climate change might have more credibility if Al Gore wasn’t the spokesman.—Frank Pacino, Arizona


Thank you for Rob Bluey’s article on Marc Morano’s work. It’s spot on. I was a strong supporter of scientist Dixy Lee Ray, and her work was spot on as well.

Here are some facts:

The sun is burning up just like stars do. The earth’s core is cooling.

Hurricanes are seasonal; they occur only when the earth and sun are in the right proximity to each other.

Solar activity (which is highly variable) has a lot to do with climate variations, probably more than anything else.

About 78 percent of the atmosphere is nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen. That makes 99 percent. Of the 1 percent that’s left,  .093 percent is argon, about .045 percent is carbon dioxide, and .0008 percent methane.

So much for “greenhouse” gases.—Bert Iler

I bought Marc Morano’s book already and read it. It is a great book.  His explanations are so easy to understand. It debunks the climate change people. Enjoyed it very much.—Elizabeth Craine


This is the first article on the subject that makes sense to me, and I praise Rob Bluey’s work. Keep it up, the graph on temperatures told it all.

Climate does change, as it has over the past centuries over and over. It will continue to do so, and we will not all die due to some people’s wrong belief that climate change will kill the world.—Vernon Helmke


This book is not “politically” incorrect. It is just plain incorrect, wrong, inaccurate, misleading, deceitful, erroneous, false, and untrue.—Elizabeth Whitehouse


Why isn’t Al Gore pushing the world to assist in helping Japan stop the nuclear meltdown, if he’s so concerned ?

It’s the money Al Gore is making that drives his agenda.—Ferris Gunnels, Dallas


Follow the money. Al Gore is invested in selling carbon tax credits. He could get even richer. —Peter Wormwood

Supreme Court Rules 7-2 for Christian Baker 

Dear Daily Signal: Congratulations to Jack Phillips and his Masterpiece Cakeshop (“Breaking: Jack Phillips Wins His Case”). Congratulations to his legal team. Congratulations to America, in that we have the First Amendment to protect our religious rights.

Now Congress needs to act to pass legislation now so that we (Americans and our businesses) never have to suffer through another assault on our religious freedom again.—Marion E. Daniels-Price


I’m glad this case is settled by the Supreme Court in favor of this small bakery. It seemed ludicrous that the state of Colorado could force a business to conform to secular beliefs just because a gay couple was offended.

Gays have the freedom to go many places that conform to their beliefs. Live and let live.—Cornelius William Flaherty III


I am a new subscriber to The Daily Signal and the first thing I see is this article. Good news!

I wonder, however, if a private citizen or organization can make this choice. Why were the Boy Scouts forced to cave to the LIGHT lobby? Would not they have similar rights?—David Panzer


Jack Phillips and other artists who have a regular business with a license need to understand the value of advertising the limits of their creations in order to avoid issues like this one (“Christian Baker Hopes to Create Without ‘Fear of Punishment From the Government’”).

In Jack’s case, he could have avoided all this controversy and legal expense by posting a sign stating: Wedding cakes are custom made to order at the discretion of the owner upon agreement with the customer.

Who would have thought that such signage was needed? But these days one needs to consider such signage in order to treat all customers equally under the law and still hold true to one’s beliefs.

Businesses have every right to limit the products and services they provide, as well as how those goods and services are provided without selective discrimination under our laws.—Donald Leegh, Augusta, Ga.


Why is there still even a question regarding Jack Phillips’ being able to decorate wedding cakes?

Why would the government of a free nation—where the leftist socialist media have the right to be rude and crude and even inflammatory and get a continuous free pass—have any right at all to stop someone expressing pure and wholesome art on a cake?

Ludicrous. Gross art is expressed to young children daily. Let’s get the commissions on that.—Millie Kirschner


Can Jack Phillips now turn around and sue the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for all the harm they’ve done to his business?—Ernie Taormina, Penfield, N.Y.


About Ryan T. Anderson’s commentary on the Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Cakeshop decision (“Supreme Court Upholds Baker’s Right to Disagree With Gay Marriage in Marketplace”): The right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, i.e., the right to associate or not, should be the rule for any nongovernmental entity.—Bob Armstrong


We have to discriminate between right and wrong, good and evil, lest we accept those things that are not in our best interests, and allow them to become commonplace.

Doesn’t anyone remember the saying that we are judged by the company we keep? We can accept an individual, but still reject behaviors that we consider to be wrong.—Lora Wain

The Cloudy Future of Social Security 

Dear Daily Signal: This is about Romina Boccia’s commentary, “Here Are 5 New Signs Social Security Is Going Insolvent.” If the crooked politicians who can’t keep to a budget hadn’t robbed Social Security, there would still be plenty of money. Quit giving it away to those who haven’t earned it. We have to live within our means, our government should also.—Ron Johnson


Stop giving Social Security funds to people who never work or work under the table, not putting any money in the program.—J.M. McCormack


The Social Security sky has been falling for decades. It’s all we ever heard, but no one in government is doing anything about it, just wringing their (useless) hands.—Tim Valdez


Congress, give us back the money you stole. It’s supposed to be insurance. Why are you giving it to people who never paid into the fund? Government is a lame excuse of a money manager.—Jewel Brown, Knoxville, Tenn.


How about we stop giving freebies to able-bodied people capable of working, so they can actually pay taxes instead of causing them. —Terrie Page

A Special Operations Response to Russia

Dear Daily Signal: My thought on reading Nolan Peterson’s story, “If Russia Invades, US Special Operations Forces Have an Unconventional Plan to Liberate the Baltics”: Russia already has figured out how to take over a country without the use of a single soldier. They know the power of the ballot box.—Chuck Neidhardt, Philadelphia


Russia isn’t going to invade anything. They have quietly accepted the fact that the Soviet Union isn’t going to be recreated by force.—Gary Rahn


Sure needed a U.S. president with the guts to draw a real line in Crimea, and a Congress to stand up for our ally.—John Galtw, Berwick, Pa.


There’s nothing to gain with invasion at this point. Russia’s internal financial crisis forced them to quietly regroup.—J. Ray Strickland, Irmo, S.C.

Deciding Who Can Serve, and How, in the Military

Dear Daily Signal: I wholeheartedly agree with the military’s transgender policy described in Thomas Spoehr’s commentary (“Pentagon’s New Transgender Policy Strikes Right Balance for Military”). When in combat, the last person you want watching your back is someone who is confused about who they are.—Todd Rhew, Hot Springs, S.D.


The military is not an equal opportunity employer. They are under no obligation to take anyone.—Bobby LeClerc, Indianapolis


In World War II, my father was rejected simply because an X-ray detected a bone spur on his spine. And they really needed recruits then.

This was determined to be a potential medical concern later on. Should the taxpayers be paying for transgender issues and surgeries? No way.—Dexter Gill


According to standards of medical fitness, gender dysphoria is a mental condition that bars one from being qualified for military service. Until regulations are changed, transgenders are unfit for military service.—Jared Biltoft

California’s All-Wet Water Policy

Dear Daily Signal: About Jarrett Stepman’s commentary, Blame California’s Crazy Left-Wing Politics for Water Rationing”: California has no water problems. California has a water management problem.

They send over half their water to the ocean. Don’t let farmers use it. Don’t let industry use it. Don’t let consumers use it. Flush it into the ocean.—Essbee Ache


Two things: California has too many people in too small an area, and they need to talk to the Israelis about water from the ocean.—Peter Wormwood


In California, they let trillions of gallons of water just flow into the ocean. There is no one to blame except the idiot liberals in charge of that silly state.—Jeff Blunck


When you worry more about a 2-inch fish than your fellow human beings, you’re the one who’s got a problem.—Stetson Wilson


Where are the desalination plants? Scrap the bullet train, filter water instead or catch it at the mouth of the rivers and put it in reservoirs.—Jackie Floyd

Putting the President’s Pick in Charge of US Broadcasts

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Mike Gonzalez’s commentary, Time for Trump’s Choice, Not Obama’s, to Head America’s Global Broadcast Operations”: If we want all of this to occur, we must vote carefully and support the trend we started in the 2016 election.

Otherwise, critical appointees will be blocked for another two years and the swamp (deep state) will still have its power over us all.Tom Coahran


Get the job done, Congress. This is disgusting.—Justine Zentner


No. It’s time for no one to head this agency. Maybe government should stay out of broadcasts.—Jamie Lee Gilland

Asking Planned Parenthood to Explain Itself on Child Sex Abuse 

Dear Daily Signal: It is about time the right went on offense against the leftists, as Rachel del Guidice describes in her story about congressional Republicans and Planned Parenthood (“56 Lawmakers Ask HHS Probe of Planned Parenthood’s Response to Child Sexual Abuse”). I have had enough of this “ignore them and they’ll go away” attitude.

The left is trying to transform our beloved nation in ways we would despise, so they must be defeated—completely defeated to the point of obscurity.—Randy Leyendecker


Where were these politicians when the “cromnibus” bill was passed funding Planned Parenthood? Must be election year.—Bob Elliott


Hmm. If the report by Live Action had been released earlier, it may have been just the ammunition needed to silence the fifth columnist RINOs of the Judas caucus.—Andrew Curlutu

The Senate Aide, the Reporter, and Leaks of Classified Information

Dear Daily Signal: So if there is enough proof to indict Senate staffer James A. Wolfe on “lying” to the FBI, as Fred Lucas reports, why wasn’t he charged with breaking the law by leaking classified information (“Alleged Leaker Engaged in ‘Betrayal’ of Public Trust, Prosecutor Says”)?

This is just another way the “swamp”/deep state/career staffers continue to violate the laws for which ordinary citizens get prosecuted.

They continue to allow these unlawful actions without any consequences. Go ahead, break the law, just don’t lie about it to the FBI. Unless you are Hillary or her staff or a Democratic National Committee staffer; then go ahead and lie about anything, without any consequences at all.

After all, consequences are for the “little people.”—Derek Dubasik


Being a journalist doesn’t give immunity to a leaker’s girlfriend. This isn’t a case of lawyer-client confidentiality.—Andrew Mason


Definitely past time to start prosecuting “reporters.” Chilling effect? Hell, yeah.

I’d love to see a “chilling effect” on hacks who wrap themselves in the mantle of “press freedom” while pursuing a partisan agenda.—John Jennings

Media Freaks Out Over First Lady’s Absence From National Stage

Dear Daily Signal: Our poor first lady cannot even recover from her kidney surgery without the media making comments instead of wishing her well, as Ginny Montalbano writes (“Calm Down, Media. The First Lady Is ‘Back.’”).

I bet they would be sending Michelle Obama get well cards if this had been her. Biased, nasty media cannot give Melania Trump a break.

We love her. Get well, Melania. You don’t need the fake news media.—Jan P.C.


Melania Trump is a lovely, articulate, intelligent, cultured and gracious lady who has endured incomprehensible abuse by people who have no soul. May God bless and protect the first lady.—Charles Williams, Celina, Texas


This is pathetic. The woman had major surgery. Give her a break. She is doing a wonderful job as first lady. Take your time, Mrs. Trump.—Jan Stephens Caldwell, Camden, Ark.

Jeremiah Poff helped to compile this column.