FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL—The Daily Wire’s new streaming television show “The Pendragon Cycle” will highlight the Christian faith of King Arthur and Merlin as portrayed in Stephen R. Lawhead’s book series.

The series will show how the wizard Merlin and his father, the bard Taliesin, learn to let God direct their supernatural powers, Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire’s CEO and the series’ director, explains in a video first released to The Daily Signal. The show does not have a release yet or a set number of episodes yet.

“It’s one of the more religious, although not overtly so, scenes of the film, and in a way, it’s a micro expression of the macro story of the season,” Boreing says. “In this scene, we see Taliesin in this very dangerous situation with this group of people who do not know him, do not share his values, and not being very hospitable to him.”

“It’s by these two sort-of supernatural characters, Taliesin and Merlin, learning not to use their power as an expression of their own will, but to be used by the most high God,” the director adds.

Men in medieval outfits point swords at a blond man who speaks in front of a microphone as a blonde woman stands behind him.
Taliesin (James Arden) gets accosted by men holding swords as his wife, Charis (Rose Reid), stands behind him in a YouTube video screenshot from The Daily Wire’s production diary of “The Pendragon Cycle.”

The video then cuts to Tom Sharp, who plays Merlin, telling his close companion, “Nothing will happen to me that was not appointed to happen.”

Lawhead’s “Pendragon Cycle” portrays Merlin as the son of the British bard Taliesin. Taliesin marries Charis, an exile princess from the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Lawhead’s version of Atlantis takes inspiration from the Minoan civilization on Crete, and The Daily Wire version has taken great pains to capture the strengths of the book series, especially filming arresting scenes of Charis dancing with bulls in Atlantis.

The book series places the story of Merlin and King Arthur in the 500s and 600s A.D., with Christianity rising in pagan Britain. The show will lean in on the Christian elements of Arthurian myth, elements that Hollywood often overlooks or ignores.

The show will stream on The Daily Wire+, the conservative news outlet’s streaming service. The Daily Wire+ features movies like Matt Walsh’s “What Is a Woman?” and the satirical comedy film “Lady Ballers.” It also features shows with The Daily Wire’s conservative news personalities, such as Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan.

Conservative and Christian projects like The Daily Wire+ have gained traction in recent years, impressing audiences by delivering content at a higher quality than old-fashioned Christian movies. The Angel Studios film “Sound of Freedom” took the No. 1 spot at the box office for the July 4 weekend last year.

Watch the latest video for “The Pendragon Cycle” below.