NASHUA, N.H.—What motivated Sen. Rand Paul to run for president? The Kentucky Republican said he’s “tired of throwing things at the television.”

Paul said he wants to find solutions to the problems facing the nation rather than simply complaining about them.

In addition to making his pitch to Republican activists at the First in the Nation Summit hosted by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, Paul said his potential Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton is guilty of a “dereliction of duty” during her time as secretary of state.

He added that the loss of four lives in the attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi “should ever preclude her from holding higher office.”

Paul said some in the GOP want to “dilute” the message of Republicans and become “Democrat-lite.”

“I think what we need to do is be boldly for what we are for,” said Paul.

Paul pitched his platform of lower taxes, smaller government and protecting civil liberties.

“To win these purple states that aren’t so easy anymore, I think we need to be the party that defends the whole Bill of Rights,” said Paul.

Paul also criticized elements of the Republican Party he feels are too eager to take military action.

“I’m not saying don’t be involved around the world, I’m not saying don’t protect our interests,” said Paul, “We do have to do something. But think about it.”