In a 2009 address to Congress, President Obama said the government would not use taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortions as part of the Affordable Care Act.

“Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place,” Obama said.

But according to a long-awaited report on Obamacare this morning from the Government Accountability Office, taxpayers do, in fact, subsidize insurance plans that cover abortions. This occurs even if individual Americans seeking insurance oppose abortion as morally wrong.

President Obama in 2009: “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions.”

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The president’s remarks before Congress came as he was selling the health care law popularly known as Obamacare to the lawmakers and the American public. Today’s GAO report found that more than 1,000 Obamacare exchange plans across the country have funded—and continue to fund–abortions.

House Speaker John Boehner this morning accused the administration of keeping the facts from Americans, saying:

This information has been hidden from the American public for years by the Obama administration, which repeatedly denied congressional requests for its public release.