Homeschooling during the holidays is a meaningful time in my family’s homeschool.

Since my husband and I started homeschooling our children, we have taught them year-round. This means we don’t take summer breaks. That’s not to say that we don’t take breaks at all. It means we have more flexibility to choose when and how we take them.

Learning never stops for us … we take any and every opportunity to learn no matter the day! The Christmas season especially gives us a chance to lighten the load and make meaningful memories with our children.

In our homeschool, we take time off when we are sick, have appointments, vacations, holidays, and birthdays. The kids get two weeks off in-between finishing their coursework for the year and beginning a new one.

It’s just enough time off that they don’t forget the material they just finished. Once they finish one grade-level of work, they get that time off before starting their next grade-level work. Some of our best learning happens in the summer. It’s also a great time to take school outside!

We don’t take as much time off as traditional schools do during major holidays. For example, my children will be in school until Dec. 23 and then resume classes on Dec. 27. We then work for a few days until New Year’s Eve and then begin again Jan. 2.

Homeschooling enables us to slow down and incorporate the holidays into the curriculum. For example, we learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world! We have loved learning about other cultures’ traditions and beliefs. This has enabled our children to be respectful of others and their beliefs.

As Christians, my husband and I also add an advent study before Christmas. We all know how much Christmas has lost its true meaning, becoming commercialized more than ever. Studying advent is a reminder of Christmas’ true meaning: the gift of Jesus. His birth is truly a miraculous gift!

Homeschooling has given us special moments and memories. Sometimes we make Christmas treats on a normal school day. We read stories of compassion out loud, including “A Christmas Carol” and “The Family under the Bridge.” We play piano and learn Christmas carols. We learn about Christian traditions in other parts of the world. Our children even volunteer in a soup kitchen during the holidays. We give gifts to families in need. We can do these things because we have flexibility throughout the days leading up to Christmas.

We are teaching our children to be compassionate individuals that our world desperately needs! It’s so important to raise kind humans who will be assets to our world. Core values start at home. As a homeschool mom, I am teaching my children to be kind and to love one another no matter our differences. The meaningful connections we are building with them today will make a huge difference as they become adults.

Homeschooling through the holidays is such a blessing! For ideas on what you can add to your homeschool during the holidays, check out my blog.

I have blogged about 23 of our favorite Christmas books to read during December. I’ve also blogged about Christmas unit studies and advent study options.

It is an incredible time to teach our children! If you are contemplating homeschooling don’t hesitate to reach out through my blog and I will do my best to guide you in the right direction on how to get started. Happy holidays from my family to yours!

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