The halcyon days of the past seem much calmer, peaceful, and within reach compared to the never-ending and unpleasant culture changes of today.

My generation of Americans was raised in the church and taught to live and act according to the moral and ethical prescriptions written in the Holy Bible. It was a life guide for business, relationships, and how one should carry themselves.

Looking back at the greatest generation and the one that came afterward, it is evident those time-tested values duly prepared these Americans for true greatness—so well that even the Father above would look down and smile, which is far from what can be said about today’s generation.

Today’s young people are misguided by false promises of perfection and utopic idealism. These unattainable ideals lead to accepting all things and maintaining standards of nothing, both big and small.

Just 36% of millennials claim they belong to a church, according to Gallup. From a cursory level, this may seem as if today’s generations just aren’t concerned with their labels. However, they are indications of the trappings of a society headed toward moral decline.

I recently viewed an Instagram post by Robby Starbuck of a Nickelodeon video of a transgender person promoting the transgender lifestyle. I found this video disturbing, not because I don’t recognize the different types of people in the world, but because children shouldn’t be thinking about sexuality this way. Kids should enjoy their childhood without the corruption of public figures seeking to push a specific gender.

The network’s programming is aimed at children as young as 2 years old, yet it’s promoting values that many parents may find unacceptable or may not be prepared to teach their kids. In essence, Nickelodeon has removed parents’ ability to trust their network to air child-friendly and safe content.

I’m reminded of the Bob Dylan song “The Times They Are-A Changin’,” and they most certainly are—and in unexpected ways.

A new culture is birthed with each new generation, but not all that is new should be embraced. It is crucial to have a set of standards about the norms and customs of behaviors that we embrace as a society. None of this is to say that we should permit discrimination in any way. Still, it is to say that this confusing messaging could lead to gender identity crisis or, worse, a child making a terrible mistake about their gender or body parts they will later regret.

Parents must take a stand and make it clear they don’t support what Nickelodeon is doing. They should boycott Nickelodeon by deleting their apps and blocking the channel on their televisions.

There is just no place for this with young kids who will have to navigate a complex world with decreasing moral and ethical teachings. Parents should be the ones to discuss this with their children when they see fit, not a network created to provide entertaining and educational content for our children.

Children should be off-limits, and networks like Nickelodeon must be held accountable if people of moral standing have any leg to stand on. Children are vulnerable, easily influenced, and unaware of what adults know, which is all the more dangerous and concerning. There is a time and place for everything. This outrageous agenda demands that we all boycott Nickelodeon.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are watching and reading at all times. Parents could trust television content when I was younger, but those days are long gone; we are ceding the ability to raise kids who can be just kids. We have to stand up against this indoctrination and make it clear that we have to stand up against this indoctrination.


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