New York City rioters hurled rocks at cops, drove through a police line, and damaged several businesses Tuesday night following the Philadelphia officer-involved fatal shooting of a man armed with a knife, the New York Post reported.

Around 200 violent demonstrators were seen parading through the streets with one man holding a burning American flag, according to the New York Post and videographer Lanier “Issa” Lewis. An individual accelerated through a police line after officers confronted the driver, leaving one cop with a leg injury, the Post reported.


“Burn the precinct to the ground, every city, every town!” the group chanted, as it moved through the boroughs, according to the Post.

Rioters hurled bottles and rocks at uniformed officers, and a man swiped a pumpkin from a resident’s stoop and plunged it through a car window, the New York outlet reported. The group also broke windows of an Urban Outfitters and a Bank of America in addition to vandalizing several other buildings with graffiti, according to the Post.

Nearly 30 participants in the riot were arrested by law enforcement after the New York City Police Department caught up with the group.

Nationwide unrest has surged following the death of Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot by Philadelphia police after law enforcement received a call about a man with a knife, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Cops repeatedly instructed Wallace to drop his blade before he was gunned down, the local outlet reported.

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