This week on “Problematic Women,” we interview the “leading voice of The Heritage Foundation,” Genevieve Wood, to get her take on everything from feminism to football. 

Now serving as Heritage’s spokesperson and senior adviser, Wood has had an extended career in policy and media in Washington, where she has interviewed countless politicians, government officials, celebrities, and other notorious figures and newsmakers. (Spoiler: We find out her favorite!) 

Wood also shares what it takes to be successful in a TV interview, her coolest D.C. stories, and advice to anyone looking to have a career in the media. Finally, since she is as an outspoken football fan, we talk the latest in the Colin Kaepernick saga and how it’s affecting the NFL.

This episode is the third installment in our series on problematic role models, in which we interview influential women who we look up to and get insight on how they got where they are and how they’re living out their values as Problematic Women. 

Enjoy the conversation.