Ivanka Trump detailed what “infuriated” her about a “sexist” art exhibit featuring a look-a-like model vacuuming up crumbs that viewers throw at her, during an interview that aired Friday.

“Well, I think it’s a very sexist representation of a woman, but what bothered me about this image is they hired a 16-year-old girl to stand there and have crumbs thrown at her for two hours a day for a couple of months, and I have a real problem with that,” the president’s daughter told ABC’s Abby Huntsman. “And that’s what infuriated me more than anything.”


Trump had already addressed the performance art Tuesday.

“Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter,” she wrote on Twitter.

The woman behind the piece, conceptual artist Jennifer Rubell, told Trump to come see the piece for herself in Washington, D.C.

“Ivanka, I would encourage you to see the piece and form your own direct response. I would be happy to arrange for you to do it alone with none of the media circus that has formed around it. Not knocking anyone down. Exploring complicated subjects we all care about,” Rubell wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

Trump has been in the public eye since long before she and her husband Jared Kushner became advisers to the president. Trump revealed in a 2007 interview that resurfaced in January that she was ABC’s first choice to be “The Bachelorette” in the early 2000s.

“I’ve been offered tons of shows, [including] ‘The Bachelorette,’” Trump said in 2007. “I’m flattered, but that in no way furthers my objective of being a great real estate developer.”

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