On this week’s episode of “Problematic Women,” we discuss the alleged duping of Sarah Palin by notorious prankster Sacha Baron Cohen, who was dressed up as veteran—wheelchair and all—to troll the former Alaska governor, and Tomi Lahren sounding off on Roe v. Wade and advising conservatives on how they should handle the issue of abortion. And while on the topic of abortion, we address Michelle Wolf treating it like a punchline in her new Netflix comedy special. Meanwhile in New York City, more African-American babies are being aborted than born.

Finally, American Eagle rolls forward with the next step in its body positive swimsuit campaign, Iranian women risk arrest by dancing via Instagram, and Brett Kavanaugh’s former female clerks are going to bat for their former boss. All that and more in this week’s edition of “Problematic Women.” Watch in the video above, or listen in the podcast below.