Restaurant worker Miranda Schaeffer, who defended her co-worker with a legally owned firearm, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and said her gun may have been the deciding factor in saving their lives.

Schaeffer’s co-worker, Veronica Kaehler, was attacked behind the counter at a George Webb in Milwaukee by an unknown assailant Friday, but he backed off once he saw Schaeffer holding a pistol in his face.


“He didn’t look like he was playing any games with anybody. He wanted his money,” Schaeffer said. “But he didn’t want to wait. Like literally maybe a minute. And as soon as [Kaehler] said, ‘You can’t come back here,’ that’s when he punched her. And I said, ‘No, we’re not going to have no more of this.’ So I pulled out the firearm and that’s when I said, ‘You’ve got to go.’” 

Schaeffer said the assailant would have kept assaulting her and her co-worker, had she not pulled out her gun and told him to move along.

“He would have most definitely kept on coming,” Schaeffer said. “He would have kept on hitting. He would have tried to fight both of us. The punch was originally for me because I told him no about the refund because I’m not allowed to [give you] the refund.”

“He didn’t want to wait. And since he didn’t want to wait, that’s when he punched her,” she continued. “He was going to keep on going and keep on going. It was going to be bad. That punch itself was terrible.”

Kaehler said she encouraged Schaeffer to bring her gun into work due to the lack of security and several violent incidents that had occurred prior to the assault.

The suspect is still at large, but is known to police as a “drug dealer who’s been abusive towards other,” according to TMJ4.

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