The New York Times featured an editorial comment in a Thursday tweet preceding news that Egypt will allow the Russian military access to its bases.


The comment “this is embarrassing” preceded the news tweet despite appearing nowhere in the story.

The New York Times did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment regarding the editorial comment.

The storied news organization faced intense criticism Wednesday after using its editorial board Twitter account to openly lobby against a tax bill championed by Republicans moving its way through the Senate.

The account changed its biography on Twitter to signal its political use, and then began encouraging readers to call U.S. senators and leave messages urging them not to vote for the tax bill.

The Times’ decision also faced criticism from President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee for appearing to act as a political organization.

The Times defended the decision to politically lobby, saying, “The New York Times Editorial Board shared its opinions on the tax reform bill yesterday from the  Twitter handle;  is separate from the  newsroom.”

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