I had the chance to speak with Dr. Ben Carson recently about the Planned Parenthood scandal, his views on America’s growing debt and something I’ve always wanted to ask a brain surgeon…how do you explain the liberal brain?

You can watch the full video or jump to specific topics via the time codes below:

0:05 – Carson discusses how he hopes the current scandal surrounding Planned Parenthood will cause the black community to explore the organization’s history.

1:02 – As a doctor, Carson is well-known for his views opposing Obamacare, but I asked him what he believes are the other most pressing issues facing the country.

1:56 – How does Carson, a neurosurgeon, explain the liberal brain? He begins his answer by explaining he used to have one.

3:39 – Carson explains that most of what he talks about are not really “Republican” or “Democrat” things, but instead are American things—and he goes on to explain his view on American exceptionalism.