Former Navy Seal and friend of Chris Kyle Jason Redman blasted Seth Rogen and Michael Moore for their controversial tweets on the high-grossing movie “American Sniper,” which is based on Kyle’s Seal service.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Redman criticized Rogen for his lack of appreciation for what Kyle had done while protecting the United States.

Noting that Rogen has dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, Redman said, “Seth Rogen, on behalf of all American veterans who fought for your freedom, you’re welcome.”

Sean Parnell, a retired U.S. Army Ranger, was also present and told Sean Hannity that he believed there was a bias against the armed forces in Hollywood. “I think comments, you know, whether from Michael Moore or Seth Rogen, I think what it does is it underscores an inherent anti-military bias in Hollywood.”

Parnell went on to note the success of the blockbuster film, claiming that if the left in Hollywood would do more movies that dealt with American exceptionalism and the honor and valor seen in the military they would “make hundreds of millions at the same time.”

Watch the full exchange below.

Seth Rogen has since tried to distance himself from the earlier tweet.