Editor’s note: We’re back with some of your letters, this time focused on the presidential election. Send your emails to letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: After the exciting Election Day—and predicted impasse—several good friends reached out and said they’re worried about America. Me too.

I’m worried because the two major parties have ceased being coalitions that merely use different methods to achieve the same goals.

As fevered hatred of our nontraditional, tradition-conserving president shows, America is in the unenviable position of hosting two coalitions using different methods (violently, on the left) to achieve radically different goals. 

I told my friends that it looks like we’re in a fight. Whether we like it or not and regardless of comfort level, continual confrontation waits in the wings. As a norm. For the foreseeable future.

I’m not into tough-guy speeches. Consensus building is preferred, but none seems likely with consensus-breaking extremists dominating the left side of the discussion. They want control, not consensus with those who differ.

We who want to conserve American traditions and national symbols have to roll up our sleeves beside our fighting president. Those who can support silently with prayer and private well-wishing are encouraged to do so.

Our debaters are needed to infuse national discourse with rebuttals to a howling echo chamber.

Finally, defenders who frequent patriotic events or wear Trump caps or other America-loving paraphernalia do so with full knowledge they may get into altercations just to protect themselves and companions.

Hope that cooler heads prevail dimly remains. Sadly, cooler heads on the other side of the aisle are afraid of retaliation too.—Nadra (“Cap Black”) Enzi, New Orleans

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Dear Daily Signal: This declaration of Joe Biden as the clear winner of the presidential election by The Wall Street Journal and others seems more than premature {“Media Outlets Project Biden Victory as Trump Says Election ‘Far From Over’“).

Many military votes, likely skewed toward President Trump, have not been counted. Recounts of ballots requested by Trump in close states have not yet occurred.

Why is the Journal, among others, leaping to declare a Biden victory now?—Kay Carson, Florida


Dear Daily Signal: I live in an apartment community that is one of many in Maricopa County, Arizona. Our mailboxes are locked metal cubes for which each apartment owner has a key.

My concern is that with six-month leases an option, many pieces of old mail arrive in the box. I have received mail for three individuals who presumably once lived in my unit and neglected to update the Postal Service, or overran their forwarding arrangements.

I destroy mail that is junk and place a “moved” mark on the others. But many residents leave mail in an open shelf area, on which I have seen Arizona voter booklets that were specifically addressed to a resident.

This is an avenue for potential fraud if a person discovers the name of a registered voter and attempts to use it. I did not examine the voter materials in any depth, but I will say that my specific community has an aggressive anti-Trump population.

Some have gone so far as to loosely organize to harass me and vandalize a Trump decal on my car and cut out my Arizona paper license permit with an X-Acto knife like the one that defaced my decal. I have been the target of insults and profanity.

I’m a 64-year-old woman who thought I was relocating from Virginia to a luxury community in a state friendly to elders. Not a chance of that.

So there is the second issue: intimidation of elders or others by small mobs. In this case, the group has members who are in a gang, they claim. This is not only a theft of my peace of mind, but of my constitutional rights.

The town of Glendale, where a lovely, honest farmer named Ruiz turned in a bag of ballots hidden beneath cement and stone in October, is about 4 miles away. So I know my imagination is not in overdrive here. 

I am a plain and ordinary conservative American citizen who sees civil manners degraded by persons who are predominantly young, impulsive, hedonistic, and rude.

I could be in the Greece of Socrates, I know, but the lament is dangerous when gangs are equipped with lasers that read the inside of a home or business, and hackers are part of the street crowds. 

Thank you for allowing me to write. May God bring us all through this time of critical balance with our health and nation intact.—Roxanne Gadol Fritz, Phoenix


Dear Daily Signal: I’m interested in the National Popular Vote Compact and whether decisions by states such as Colorado would stand a constitutional test at the Supreme Court (“Colorado Joins States Pledging to Surrender Electoral Votes to Winner of Popular Vote“).

For this election, it might not have had an impact (TBD), but it seems odd that states that decide for one candidate at the state level would abdicate voting in the Electoral College, per their citizens’ preference, in favor of a national popular vote.

I’ve read the articles on The Daily Signal and wonder if you can provide additional insights.—Martin Lammers, Indianapolis


Dear Daily Signal: You are doing a great job of reporting! No bias, just facts.

However, you should be aware that Illinois Gov. Jay Pritzker is upset that his “fair tax” amendment to the state Constitution didn’t pass, although there are still votes yet to be counted.

So how can they declare a presidential winner in Illinois when all of the votes haven’t been counted yet? If you could clarify this for me, I would greatly appreciate it.—Patti Myers, Illinois


Dear Daily Signal: I have a 26-year-old grandson in Seattle who continues to believe that this new socialism is different and good. He gets that from an iPhone net site.

He believes America’s past is bad, but doesn’t look for the good. Very sad, and typical now.

I am getting new information every day from The Daily Signal. I love the truth. Please continue to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.—Merle Zahler


Dear Daily Signal: I’ve been wondering how the votes are “counted,” but I know for a fact that my vote hasn’t been counted yet or my friends’ votes either, and we voted early on Election Day.

The president needs to investigate this corrupt state that I live in. New Jersey is such a Democratic state, but I know there are a lot of us Republicans here that don’t get counted.

So I don’t understand how they can say that Joe Biden won New Jersey too, if votes haven’t even been counted. Please look into this.—Cherice Anthony, N.J.


Dear Daily Signal: It’s extremely disappointing that, regardless of President Trump’s lack of popularity among what appears to be ample numbers of Republicans, their allegiance is not to “We the people” or what is best.

Instead, their allegiance is to the remaining insiders in D.C. and what they consider to be national politics. This demonstrates a clear failing of leadership.

I’ve long concluded that the radical left movement, although underground for 60 years, was ready for release and the Obama administration was the catalyst.

I see no courage nor leadership in what it appears is the protected political class. It seems to me that the left has no problem with eating anyone in their path.—Phil Fetzer


Dear Daily Signal: OK, what happened? Very simple. Months before the election, Democrats filed hundreds of lawsuits across the country with friendly judges to do away with voter fraud protections; they succeeded in many.

Courts made rulings making it more difficult to assure a fair election and taking away the authority of state legislators who instilled voter protections.

Now comes the election, and dead people vote, as do people who no longer live in the state. Ballot dates are changed to make them legal, poll watchers are denied access, and we hear of massive numbers of Biden ballots without one Trump ballot, the odds against which are mind-boggling.

The Democrats want all votes to count, while we want only legal votes to count. That is the difference in this election.

So now the integrity of the republic is in the hands of the Supreme Court, which we pray is guided by the Constitution. Hopefully, in December the Electoral College will tell us who our next president is, not the media, while the left accuses the Supreme Court of stealing the election and being in collusion with the president and the rioters hit the streets in protest.

Get ready for all that; it is the price we will pay for a fair and just election. We all need to send messages to the Supreme Court that we want our election process protected; we need the court to do its duty.—Frank D. Lovell, Citrus County, Fla.


Dear Daily Signal: Listen: This election was stolen. You don’t have to consider the stories you hear as conspiracy theories. They are more true than ever.

Joe Biden is illicitly elected. He cannot be considered president-elect. If we don’t stop these thieves from getting away with it, this legalized armed robbery will forever be the norm.

The whole nation looked like a huge Sicily in these elections.—Lorenzo Cardinali


Dear Daily Signal: If you truly wish to preserve the veracity of what occurred in this election, you will do deeper research into the inside fraud perpetuated on our country by its own citizens.

You will also focus on the Constitution. The election results have been skewed in all states. Our votes are easily hacked by insiders, and it’s apparent right before our eyes.

Do not promote a projected winner whose win has been fabricated electronically on insecure websites. Shame on us.—The Rev. Cynthia Mason, Dayton, Ohio


Dear Daily Signal: Regarding the election returns in Detroit, Logan Churchwell of Public Interest Legal Foundation told Rachel del Guidice on “The Daily Signal Podcast” that things appeared to go smoothly on Election Day (“What You Need to Know About Arizona’s Election Day ‘Sharpiegate’”).

Churchwell did not address the many issues that occurred at TCF Center in Detroit and the improper treatment of Republican poll challengers. I was a poll worker in Oakland County, Michigan. 

Is Churchwell unaware of this situation? Surely, his organization needs to investigate.—Rebecca Behrends, Michigan


Dear Daily Signal: How can you win a court battle in Pennsylvania when the evidence of election fraud has been destroyed (“Pennsylvania Lawsuit Alleges 21,000 Dead People Still on Voter Rolls“)?

A reasonable person could deduce by visual observation that something took place, but that in itself is not sufficient to reverse a fraudulent vote count.

Will Republicans do as they have always done and simply shrug their shoulders and move on? Nothing to see here; keep moving, keep moving.—Bob R.


Dear Daily Signal: I am a lifelong conservative Republican woman and a believer in the Lord Christ Jesus. I write to express that I am ashamed of President Trump’s behavior.

As a believer, I can’t support a man who belittles people. Sorry for the judgmental comment, but I was ashamed that I voted for him. We all, yes, are sinners, but I expected godly, loving behavior from President Trump.

The president and his family were attacked and ridiculed every day by other people, but he needed to turn the other cheek.

I do pray for Joe Biden to seek God’s face and I pray to heal our land. This beautiful land and His people are being thrashed with hatred and violence.

It’s time to love one another as the Lord loves us. That’s how I think, believe, and feel. Lord, heal our land.—Judith Clinton 


Dear Daily Signal: I just read the written version of Rachel del Guidice’s podcast interview with Tom Ranieri, a lawyer who went to Pittsburgh to watch ballot canvassing in real time (“A Pro Bono Lawyer for Trump Campaign Shares What He Saw in Pennsylvania”). The amount of fraud he saw is the result of liberals’ version of remaking the rules to suit their end goals.

I am a poll worker in New York (not for early voting, but Election Day itself). Only certain people get to work the early voting days, and they are usually the same people.

There’s definitely a problem with election laws on the books being changed last minute to achieve a designated result. This is what needs addressing to eliminate these problems.

The state of Florida has made major changes to the election process to ensure that registered voters can vote and stop people who are attempting fraudulent voting. We need all 50 states to do this.

I intend to follow New York state as they are setting the stage for same-day registration and voting for the 2022 elections. As I understand it, this does require ID, but New York doesn’t allow poll workers to request ID from voters (a fraud potential).

Thanks for a great article at this time.—Maria Rose Randazzo, New York


Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Rachel del Guidice’s podcast interview with Tom Ranieri. I now understand better what went on during the election.—Hubert C. Crowell, Marietta, Georgia


Dear Daily Signal: Jail the crooked election boards and send them out of this country. God bless America!

We love our President Donald Trump and appreciate the example he sets for us. We love his precious wife and family.

Love you all and others who make America great again. We need Jesus, our Bibles, and our guns.—Margie Cribb


Dear Daily Signal: Unfortunately, I think “China Joe” Biden will steal this election. When he does, all kinds of bad and evil things will happen to the country (“Hunter Biden Emails, Texts Raise Questions That Need Answers“).

Most Americans have never lived under communism and so are unaware of how to prepare to survive.

I am an American of African ancestry, a conservative, and a patriot. I spent 25 years in the military defending against communism, and now my country most likely will be ruled by the very ideology I fought against for many years.

I hope we can start a series of commentaries by people who have lived under communism, explaining to the rest of us how to prepare and survive under the coming China-Biden communist government.—Master Sgt. Jimmie L. Hollis (USAF, retired), Millville, N.J.


Dear Daily Signal: Democrats stole the election. Our president needs to stop corruption. No more corruption.—Martha Duero


Dear Daily Signal: Responding to Fred Lucas’ article “Is Voter Fraud Afoot? A Look at 7 Claims”: How does a candidate who can pack multiple rallies daily find himself in a dead heat with a guy who hid in his basement with minimal crowd attendance?

The answer is in the legal populations of the states in question (X) versus total votes/ballots being counted (X+Y). Get the totals of Y and your answer is identified.—Ron Dale

How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: I’m a registered voter since 1968, and I truly appreciate getting your Morning Bell newsletter every day.

However, in light of the trend for many of us of dropping Facebook and/or Twitter, please make your articles shareable to Parler, Rumble, etc. 

We’re also turning from Fox News to Newsmax. Just so you know, we will not be censored, corrected, or silenced.—Kathy Russell


I do like your news and articles. I am a Las Vegas resident and really worry about what is going on in the election here this year. I hope you write more about what is going on, especially in Clark County, Nevada.—Bob Samuel, Las Vegas 

Overall, I think your content is on point and well thought out and researched. Hard to find any content that meets those standards. Thank you.—Wally Burdalski, Sicklerville, N.J. 

Please continue giving the USA accurate information.—Jane Sehmer


Most discourse is directed toward our problems. Why do we not focus equally, or more so, on the solutions?—Matt Toole

I look forward to your Morning Bell email daily. Keep up your great work!—Pam Green

Love what you are doing. I’m praying for God’s power to overtake the enemy!—Carol Bolen