“We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America,” said rally speaker Sean Blackmon, member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation 

What would George Washington think if you told him that a university bearing his name would one day be inculcating protesters who sought the demise of the United States? 

That reality was on full display Thursday night on the campus of George Washington University, located in Washington, D.C.

In a continuation of the encampments popping up on universities across the United States, leftists supporting Palestine gathered on George Washington University’s University Yard to share their views.

Although the rally was flooded with the anti-Israel rhetoric and chants Americans have become accustomed to hearing, speakers at this rally also used language connected with Marxism, focusing on oppression and oppressors. 

Based on what I’d heard, I’d say these protesters’ ultimate intentions go beyond the nation of Israel and extend to the goal of destroying the United States in particular and Western civilization generally. 

A recurring theme was that the United States, like Israel, is the oppressor. As a “settler colony,” it must be “brought to its knees.” 

Harkening back to the riots of 2020, protesters vilified law enforcement as oppressors for being protectors of “the rich” and “the capitalist ruling class.” 

At one point, a speaker blasphemously compared the deaths of Palestinians to the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. 

Ultimately, the protesters made clear what their goals are here in the United States: to smash the whole thing. 

What does America’s future look like if her universities, the grounds of education for so many young Americans, host protesters who champion her demise?