Editor’s note: We thought we’d catch up on some enlightening letters emailed to us on a variety of subjects covered in recent weeks by The Daily Signal. Enjoy, and don’t forget to write us at letters@dailysignal.com.Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: The Daily Signal could have a major impact on the current immigration debate by reflecting on how China took generations to recover from the hordes who tried to get in and take what they had, and that was a long way from freedom at the time.

My wife and I have had homes and worked in eight states, with South Carolina being our choice for retirement since 1996. We have been blessed to live in the land of the free and to be able to find jobs when I chose to move on to new opportunities to improve a business environment for my employees and opportunities for our family.

The only reason we have freedom in America is because of we the people. And it can be lost unless our democracy is sustained by the majority of people who have had to earn their freedom, not those that think the USA must solve every other country’s problems.

Even China has come to realize that their people have individual capabilities and eased up on many historic elements of dictatorship to right their ship.

I am not a writer, simply an engineer who learned how to use systems and machinery to train folks how to better use their specific strengths and accomplish more and better manufacturing capabilities.

I believe The Daily Signal can present a compelling message to Washington to stay with our immigration policy–transport illegal aliens back to their former countries, build a wall, and enforce existing laws.

We must accept responsibility for those who came here illegally and had children and been educated, while returning any without children to their former country as well.

They can have priority by reapplying to come in legally, and/or work in harvesting, period, while going back to their home country without exception on specific dates. Those employing illegals must be forced to pay a major penalty for ignoring our law.

I appreciate your taking the time to read the position of a senior citizen. I am confident that you can show how progress comes and goes, including in countries that have tried to grow a democracy yet failed to maintain it, even with a benevolent dictator.—Jim Robertson, Myrtle Beach, S.C.


Dear Daily Signal: America, you blew it in November 2018 when you allowed unhinged Democrats to assume control of the House of Representatives. 

The cast of characters who currently rule this roost has brought the republic to a standstill with both obstructionism and their predilection to generally inflame the political world with issues settled in November 2016.  

Yet strategic challenges to the national security interests of the United States such as Venezuela, Iranian war threats and bellicose actions, and the Mexican and Central American alien invasion at the southern border trend onward, devoid of abatement, without any answer or proactive pushback by Capitol Hill politicians. Not to mention China’s marching toward global dominance in military warfare, highly sophisticated integrated technology, and economic affairs.

The dye has been cast for the loss of the republic. Sociological and cultural warning signs flash throughout the land. But neither these D.C. politicians nor the media or general American public seem to give a damn.—Earl Beal, Terre Haute, Ind.


Dear Daily Signal: First, thank you for Kelsey Bolar’s video report on the transgender high school runners (“8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport”). I am a gay male and I do realize that I’m not transgender, but it severely bothered me that Connecticut is actually allowing this to happen.

Regardless of how one identifies, this is completely unfair to all women.

There’s a reason why pro sports such as tennis, golf, and swimming
are not mixed. It’s not because women aren’t good enough. It would take
days to list every woman who could beat me in those sports, but these sports are not mixed because of the unfair advantage for men.

Do you know where someone could write where action could make a
difference? I’m not so sure the CIAC is even going to bother to listen.

This is a real issue, as there are girls who will not have a chance at scholarships who would be in the running if it weren’t for this new rule. And, honestly, it is not an LGBTQ issue.—John Gullotti


Dear Daily Signal: I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast interview with the “ex-gay” pastor, Ken Williams, and wanted to add a couple more resources with a Christian perspective (“Ex-Gay Pastor’s Counseling of Those Questioning Their Sexuality Could Be at Risk With Equality Act”).

Rosaria Butterfield was like Ken’s ministry partner–completely steeped in the LGBT lifestyle and a tenured professor of “women’s studies.” She came in contact with a minister who engaged her in dialogue and showed her hospitality. She eventually came to Christ and got married to a man who is a Christian minister. Her book is “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.”

Another person in Christian circles is Sam Allberry, who I heard speak at our church. His experience was like Ken’s–that of having same-sex attractions while also learning more about the Christian faith and being drawn to it. His book is titled “Is God Anti-Gay?

I subscribe to The Daily Signal podcast on PlayerFM so I don’t miss an episode. Keep up the great work.—Paul Singbusch, San Diego


Dear Daily Signal: Who wants an enemy on the Supreme Court (“There’s a New Push to Review Judicial Misconduct Complaints Against Brett Kavanaugh”)? Think about it. Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be here for years and years.

Kavanaugh was set up.  There was not one Republican accuser during his Senate confirmation hearing. 

Come on, what are the odds?  What, we are to believe that Kavanaugh went around the country picking only Democratic activists to hit on? Puhleeeeeze!—Joyce Hyatt


Dear Daily Signal: The Equality Act should be replaced by a Common Sense Act, stating that a person’s gender is determined by his or her DNA and if there is a question, a blood test should be required (“Nancy Pelosi’s Equality Act Would Undo Trump’s Most Significant Achievements”).

As for protected classes, the Constitution guarantees protection to all of us, and distinction is not necessary.—Elizabeth Ward Nottrodt


Dear Daily Signal: The left is ruining children with their sex education in the schools and such legislation as the Equality Act. They support transgender individuals openly teaching their points of view.

There are deeper things wrong with this Equality Act.  Please continue to alert members of Congress about its problems.—Pat Ellis


Dear Daily Signal: Why doesn’t former Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan, the president’s nominee to head Immigration and Customs Enforcement, speak to the congressional Democrats who are blocking the wall from being built (“4 Things to Know About Mark Morgan, Trump’s Choice to Run ICE”)?

Talk to them directly. Request that they approve the funds required to get the wall built. 

At some point, I want to believe the Democrats might believe somebody. They have a fiduciary duty to work in the best interests of those they were elected to serve.—Kathleen Goryl  


Dear Daily Signal: “Skinner never called the American competition with China ‘a clash of civilizations,’” James Carafano writes of State Department official Kiron Skinner in his commentary (“Cheap Shots Against State Department Official Show Critics Aren’t Serious”).

An actual quote from the Skinner remarks in question: “This is a fight with a really different civilization and a different ideology and the United States hasn’t had that before. … It’s the first time that we will have a great power competitor that is not Caucasian.”

Does Carafano want to try to explain the difference? I notice he didn’t include any of her quotes that people actually objected to, and explain why they were OK.—Kevin W. Parker


Dear Daily Signal: I read Fred Lucas’s article on the movement by some to subvert the Electoral College by having a group of states pass laws requiring that their electoral votes go to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote no matter which candidate wins the state election (“Who’s Bankrolling the National Popular Vote Movement”).

The premise that this is fair is totally preposterous. If there is an interest in fairness, we need to eliminate the winner-take-all premise and have the electors vote based upon who wins the race by congressional district and by state. 

Each state is granted electors based upon its number of House seats plus two senators. Since senators are elected by state vote totals, two electors designated by the state will vote based upon the statewide vote for president. All other state electors shall vote based upon the presidential candidates’ vote tallies in the various congressional districts.

This process would be much fairer than the interstate compact that is proposed and wouldn’t take away the votes of individual voters in the states where a candidate won but possibly didn’t win the popular vote nationwide. With this process, that possibility would be much less than it is today.—Allen Miller, North Aurora, Ill.


Dear Daily Signal: At least we know who the “visa overstays” are and how many there are. You can’t say the same about those who sneak in with phony identification papers and phony Social Security cards.

We absolutely must stop illegal aliens from pouring into our country.

The majority of those who come here unlawfully may not be criminals. But any who receive government assistance are stealing those benefits from American citizens and the taxpayers who pay for those benefits, including public schools, medical care, food stamps, rent subsidies, welfare payments, and in-state tuition for colleges and universities.

Then there are the criminal elements. I don’t want to hear that statistically, illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens. Those who make such statements never produce national FBI crime statistics showing that to be true.

Any such statistics are meaningless, as the number of illegal immigrants in the country is unknown; some estimate 11 million, others 22 million. The truth is, no one knows.

One thing for certain, the Democrats don’t want to know—that way they can claim illegal immigration isn’t a problem. Not long ago, Democrat leaders (Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Clintons) were talking out of the other side of their mouths, claiming that illegal immigration was a serious problem that needed to be stopped and that our borders needed to be secured.

Democrat leaders claimed then that illegal immigrants imposed an unfair burden on American taxpayers. Now they say illegal immigration is good for the country and that anyone who opposes open borders is a racist.

If it were family members of these double-talking, big-shot politicians whose children were murdered at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants, I guarantee you they would be reverting back to their former positions that illegal immigration must be stopped.—Drew Page


Dear Daily Signal: I had socialist pressure applied to me as far back as 1951 in the sixth grade in Yakima, Washington, public schools. I think socialism in public education is bigger than people realize.

Most of our educators never held a job in the private sector workforce, and I believe the majority are undereducated in the American industrial complex and the stock exchange.—Jim Zoerb

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How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: The Daily Signal is fabulous and fair. It shows both sides of these very divided times. As a true, patriotic conservative longing for yesterday’s niceties and values along with security, I applaud my president, Donald J. Trump.

Sadly, the good ol’ boys, lifelong Republican politicians, instead of working with our duly elected choice, don’t. I find that the vast majority of politicians, while they generally don’t publicly disparage the president,
they don’t necessarily assist him either.

Trump is an outsider to them. He is an outsider, which is paramount
to the reason John Q. Public elected him in the first place.

The Daily Signal keeps me informed on all kinds of issues, and this
allows me to weigh governmental issues fairly. Thank you, Daily Signal.—Catherine A. Bliss


I look forward to receiving The Daily Signal every day, and I pass it along to my friends nearly every day. Keep up the good work. Our country’s future depends on you and the few others like you. God Bless America.—Fred Behling


I’m very happy with your Morning Bell email. Helpful summaries, excellent content, useful topics. Please keep it up. —Tom Aest

Too much video. I prefer to read.—Steve P.

Honestly, of course, your briefing is the best for the news of the day.—Jim

Keep up the great reporting.—M.D. Still