Editor’s note: Nolan Peterson’s reporting from the U.S.-bound “caravan” of migrants rang bells with The Daily Signal’s audience, and you’re not shy about sharing your views. Most of today’s mailbag is devoted to those comments. Our address is letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: While I feel great compassion for these people in Nolan Peterson’s report, who have been assembled by others with an agenda that uses them as pawns in their subterfuge, I am adamant that the only proper response to this event is to deport, deflect, or deny them (“‘It’s Your Right to Go to the US’: What I Saw When I Visited the Migrant Caravan”).

If the migrants are permitted to enter, this will balloon out of all existing proportion to a massive crisis, worse than Europe has seen. Literally millions are watching to see the outcome.

The only reasonable response is to deny them all entry, in a most public fashion that sends a signal to others waiting to see what happens that this is not the answer.

If the citizens of these Central American countries are intent on reaching the U.S. because their governments are unwilling to defend their rights to life, liberty, and property, it would seem the best answer is to help them change their governments. That would be the best outcome for all.—Michael Bowler


The USA gives millions of dollars in monetary aid to these nations every year and have been doing so for years, but nothing ever changes in these nations. And nothing will ever change until the citizens themselves demand and fight for change.

Only they can force change, and only they have the right to do so. They certainly have a right to leave their homelands, but they do not seem to understand, or care, that they have no right to enter another nation without permission or with false asylum claims.

Just because their lives are hard is not a reason for any other nation to take them in and take care of them at the expense of their own citizens. Look at the photos. The vast majority are young men. There are young women who have willingly dragged their infants and toddlers on this tough and unsafe trip. What kind of mother would do that?

They all seem well dressed, clean, with good shoes and cell phones. They certainly do not look like people having lived unbearably hard lives of abject poverty. They certainly do not look like people who have walked thousands of miles, not dirty  or bedraggled at all.

I have reached the point of no compassion for foreigners who seem to feel they have a perfect right to force their way into my country just because we have more material things than they and they want it all. They even seem to feel they have a right to everything we have just because we have it and they don’t and they want it.

If the USA does not soon grow a spine and begin operating in the best interests only of the USA and American citizens, our country is lost. Or not lost so much as deliberately given away to foreigners who care only about themselves and getting theirs.—Marilyn Griffin

Peterson writes: “People Without Borders is a Chicago-based nonprofit that has organized multiple migrant caravans aimed at the U.S. border.”

A “nonprofit” organization that plans and executes invasions into the United States? They need to be shut down now.—Steven Dietrich, New York


It may be their “right” to go to the United States; it is our right not to let them in.—Joan Laviana


Peterson writes that a former lawmaker in Honduras started the idea of a caravan to America. Wouldn’t these people be better served if they would enforce laws in their home country and try to make life better for all generations?

It boggles the mind how they accept their corrupt governments, along with the gangs and drugs. There is a real danger of them coming here with some very bad people, and where would it end?

These “no borders” people in Chicago should clean up their own backyards. How does the population in our inner cities feel about liberals giving preference to these invaders?—Helga Miller


People Without Borders should be investigated and the leadership charged with a felony. This is no different than a employer knowingly employing an illegal.—Ted Paine, Upstate New York


The USA has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to these Central American countries, and those in charge of those countries get richer. I too noticed the cell phones and the general condition of the “refugees.” It does not appear that any of them have missed any meals.

The Democrats and their lap dogs in the mainstream media will do everything they can to make this a “humanitarian crisis” and use it as leverage to grant these people asylum, for one reason only: votes for Democrats.

They don’t give a damn about what it costs taxpayers, or that they are giving away our country to foreigners. It’s all about more votes for Democrats. That is all it has ever been about.—Drew Page


If they want to stand at the fence or wall, let them. We can’t control that. We can control seeing that not one of them ever enters the U.S.—Maud St. James

The Red Cross offers migrants two minutes to call home from the caravan’s encampment in Mexico City. (Photos: Nolan  Peterson/The Daily Signal)

You have to feel a certain amount of sympathy for these migrants Peterson writes about, and I’m talking about the women and children. Not that I want them to enter illegally, but this guy Milton Benitez is a freaking parasite who is preying on the weak minds of people who don’t know any better.

Benitez is taking these people to nowhere. It’s also amazing how hypocrite Democrats use these poor people for political purposes. People like George Soros, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi couldn’t care less about what happens to them.—Moe Bellini


A nation of immigrants is what we are. A nation of entitlement distributors is not what we are, although a large number of our citizens scam our entitlements programs every day.

Allowing additional thousands of immigrants such as these from failed countries near us to enter our country for jobs would be fine if they had any of the skills that our companies are looking for. We have 7 million jobs open here that go unfilled. Without the skill sets the companies need, those jobs remain open.

In the many years I spent working and living overseas, I met hundreds of skilled workers from many different countries who would love to come to America to live and work. And they have the skill sets we need, but the logistics of emigrating is much harder when you live thousands of miles away from our coasts.

Like it or not, the best way we can help these caravan followers is to help them clean house in their own country so they can live the life they all seek with the safety, liberty, and freedom we have enjoyed because of our system of government and the laws that we have to protect us.

Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador need a 100 percent house cleaning. The politically incorrect solution, in old established terms, is to “kick a–, take names, and make things right” for the people, so they won’t want to leave their homeland.—Terry Dwyer


The U.S. government has allowed the issue of illegal immigration to be neglected and ignored to the extent that small tweaks to things connected to illegal immigration will not stop the flow of foreign migrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally.

To stop it, we, the government, must do something that shows everybody (even ourselves) that we mean business when it comes to enforcing the law. And then, we must do it. Just my opinion, for the two pennies that it’s worth.—R.L. Barnes


If the Democrats  were in charge, all of these migrants would be let in along with all the others that would follow. they consider every one of these as voters for them.—E. James Maggio


I am sorry that these people have such a rough life in the Honduras or in Mexico or Chile. However,it is not the problem of the U.S. There is already a tremendous burden because of illegals on our educational system, our hospitals and clinics, and our welfare systems.

These people are seeking jobs, a better life, and I understand that. But they should emigrate in a legal manner. Coming to the border in a caravan and demanding entry is an invasion. It is a slap in the face to legal immigrants; it is a slap in the face to the laws of our nation.

The president is right to close the border. Congressmen and senators should have fixed this problem long ago but they have sold out the citizens to special interests.

One of the officials interviewed by Peterson said he thinks that future caravans may exceed 20,000. Considering that the group crossing Mexico now exceeds 15,000 by some guesses, they should turn around, go back to their home country, and change their government.—Thomas Davis


Again, Nolan: Hire as many buses as are needed for the journey back home. As the migrants exit their bus in Central America, give each of them a chit for $1,000 redeemable at the nearest U.S. Embassy.

The U.S. pays the bill, to be reimbursed by a reduction in subsequent annual loans to those countries. Two bilingual drivers for each bus will be paid accordingly. Damages to any buses also will be reimbursed by those countries.—Warren Pugh

“We simply decided to band together to protect ourselves, because the journey is dangerous,” Wilson Gomez Portillo, 23, told The Daily Signal.

They certainly appear to be well rehearsed, organized, and well funded. If they wish to exercise stubbornness to not compromise and to break our laws, why is it a good idea to neglect our resolve to enforce our laws? People who come here ignoring our laws and making up their own laws for us to follow should be treated as invaders.—Wayne Harmon


Unfortunately, these people are reacting like the people in the gold rush in California and the Yukon in the 1850s, escaping their poverty and destitute way of life. With the promise of a better life, they will just keep coming. It will only get worse.

President Trump must show them that there is no gold rush. That they should go back and change their country, make things better for generations in their homeland. That the effort they put into their plight could be rewarded if they united as a whole people, and made their own revolution.

They too could be a country like the United States. People have to realize it isn’t easy to do, but it is possible. Then we wouldn’t have the chaos and exploitation of people’s rights to live free for Democrat votes.—Terry Hanson


Chris Wallace of Fox News implies that the “harmless” caravan of migrants is made up of sweet babies and innocent women, with a few well-educated “gentlemen” thrown in for good measure.

In fact, it’s mostly young males who should be as enthusiastically working to change their squalor-ridden countries to reflect their desire for capitalism. Instead, they’re headed to America, where the impact will have consequences that leads down a path of socialism or worse.

Our republic is still young compared to the test of time, and now faces a major, fundamental change as desired by the last administration. Wallace has benefited from the prosperity of our constitutional republic and hard work that separates us from Latin America and most of the rest of the world.

The invasion taking place at our southern border is a burden being forced on taxpayers, and the only solution is to build the wall to force controlled entry points and to make entry a privilege.—Brannen Edwards, Savannah, Ga.


It has been reported that they put the women and children in front as a human shield. The reasoning is: “Who’s going to aim a water cannon at little kids and women?”—Jeri Schroeder, Northern California


These people need to have their revolutions at home. None of them looks starved or lacking in proper clothing. George Soros or whoever is funding them could and should spend that money to make them fight for better governments at home.

If some are truly hopeless, they should apply for asylum the proper way. We want legal immigrants, but illegals do not have any right to enter our country. They must obey our laws and get rid of their own flags.

I see violence every day in the caravans and it appears that many are criminals. We do not want criminals and drug dealers.—Joleen Worden

Migrants encamped in Mexico City told The Daily Signal they are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America in search of economic opportunities.

Peterson’s story mentions the root of the problem. There are the instigators and those who are supporting this invasion force. It becomes obvious that the focus is to sap the resources of the United States by encouraging huge masses of migrants who won’t stop until they have invaded the U.S.

President Trump has this invasion in hand so far. We have already seen a few attempts to bridge the high walls already in place. Just like the tactics of the fire ants, when there is a sufficient, critical number, they start their invasion and begin climbing the walls. They think that no one can stop them.

The question is: Will the Border Patrol have the resources to do just that, stop the invasion in its tracks at the border?—Donald Leegh, Augusta, Ga.


This is sad because we have people who have funding and an agenda telling these folks what to do. If asylum was offered in Mexico, then they cannot ask for asylum in the USA.

If they want to come to the USA to work, then they must get in line behind all those from all over the world who applied before these people. There is no open border.

It would be terribly unfair to put someone from Senegal who applied maybe a year ago behind people who can walk to our border. We do not have an obligation to take care of all the Latin American countries that have problems caused by their leadership.

What we hear from Democrats right now seems to be that socialism is a viable alternative for our country. Ask the Venezuelans or the Cubans or the Argentinians how that has worked out. Ask that communist dictator in Nicaragua, Ortega, why he has assumed complete power when he bragged years ago about how good it would be there if the communists achieved control.

This whole issue is a contrived crisis.—Timothy Dayton


It’s a well-planned invasion by the left to get more power. This invasion force is mostly young men of fighting age who are physically fit. This invasion is being financed by Soros’ groups, and they need to be stopped from dispensing the disinformation they give out.—M.M. Fowler-Helfrick


Those that deny that this is an invasion are idiots or collaborators who are aiding and abetting the total destruction of the U.S. Many are merely pawns that are being fed a storyline that is essentially a lie.—Ralph Sinamon


Demonstrate against your corrupt government! Fight for your country! We are compassionate, but we are also fed up with paying for illegals’ housing, education, and health care.—Alicia Cervera

At a nighttime assembly Nov. 7 in Mexico City, migrants in the caravan listen to leaders encourage them to press on to the U.S. border.

How many migrants will The Daily Signal hire? Support, feed, provide medical? Housing and education? Sorry, pictures of moms and children don’t cut it. We know what is behind them.

Fix your own country. It is not my responsibility to take care of you. No more entitlements for aliens. Support yourself.—Karen Schoen


I personally know several people who are homeless and poor in my town. They are just part of the hundred or so poorly trained immigrants already here, some legal, but mostly illegal.

Allowing the import of another hundred into this small town would really screw the ones here. Without a wall, more than a hundred will show up here.

Sometime in the near future, the existing poor will get the message, but only after hundreds and thousands of new poor are admitted. It will be gruesome.—Larry Martin


People outside the United States have no rights here. That’s a lie the Democrats started. Even people who come here have only limited rights.

Criminals should not be allowed to enter, regardless of the danger back home. We have enough violence from the left wing.—Estell Newton


The U.S. has laws on immigration that were put in place by Congress, which represents the people of their districts. The fact that these people and many U.S. lefties do not agree with our laws, does not neuter those laws.

In time, I’m guessing, the left’s near total control over the media, academia, Hollywood, the tech sector and more will lead to a one-party, authoritarian, hard-left America. Once the future votes of these illegals is no longer needed (one-party control), the totalitarians in charge will stop them from coming in.

President (or Queen) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be faced with the reality that free everything, coupled with the destruction of the free market, will create a very big headache for her. The suffering people will look toward a revolution to restore the great lives they once had—Anthony Alafero

Despite an offer of asylum from Mexico, many migrants told The Daily Signal they were determined to press on to the U.S. border.

This invasion is no different than when the Huns invaded the Roman Empire. These people are coming to take what they haven’t worked for and are a tool of the progressive socialists.

We are approaching the day, just like all socialist countries, when there will be only be two classes of people: 5 percent wealthy and 95 percent living in poverty. Venezuela is the model country we long to be like.

It is sad the moral rot that has set in on the United States of America.—Harry Bluff


Let’s not kid ourselves. The leftist Democrats want to use the money we taxpayers pay and use it to support illegal immigrants until they can find a way to get them voting rights.

You don’t have to be a genus to see what the combination of illegals entering the country in large numbers, sanctuary cities and states that want to give them driver’s licenses, and inability to verify the ID of voters (after all, that is voter suppression) is all designed to do. They are importing permanent Democratic voters.

This is all about power. The Democrats are simply stacking the political deck for future elections.—John Ricci, New York


They have no right to come here and no right to use force. Force and violence must be met with force.

And our troops have the right to meet the force on their territory; we don’t have to wait for them to force their way onto our territory. Tear gas, rubber bullets, razor wire only if necessary.

If we don’t, it will be a green light for tens of thousands and more force.—David Stovall


It may break your heart to hear their stories, but I don’t think I want to adopt these folks. I already did adopt my two boys.

Now these leftist kooks want to steal our wallets to support a whole new herd of uneducated people who can’t wait to line up at the welfare office to mooch off the American taxpayers. By the way, there’s a hell of a lot more young men in the pictures I have seen than women and children.

They are out of their “hellhole countries” and so they should start over with life in Mexico (which has offered asylum), where they speak the same language. We sure don’t need a bunch more people in our country who can’t speak our language and offer no skills for the workplace.—Ed Mattson, Charlotte, N.C.


I am white (second-generation Polish immigrant family), but I am not racist. However, I do not like criminals of any race and I do not like criminal mobs, whether they are in need or not.

I do not want to live with people who are criminals. My family was never criminal, and I do not associate with criminals. And people who storm borders (of any country) are, by definition, either criminals or invaders.

I have no problem with people waiting in line to request lawful entry. They need to get legitimate visas, just like everyone else around the globe is required to do.—Linda Diehl, Central Valley, Calif.


I couldn’t get past the first lie. They are not here from a lack of work. They are starving because they have too much socialism. This is the expected outcome.

They are supposed to end up this way. It is just that Marx and Engels never told anybody that. They will all end in chaos, and another brand new national socialist police state will emerge. And it will start all over again.—Ronald Scott Haxton

“America needs to have a long-term view,” Gustavo Mohar, a former official in Mexico’s Interior Ministry, told The Daily Signal. “It can easily become caravans of 20,000 people if we’re not careful.”

Who do these reporters think they are fooling by showing us pictures of mothers and children? By now we all know that these are mostly young men who are taking the coward’s way out of their own country, thinking that they would be welcomed here. We don’t want them or the diseases they bring with them.—George T. Horvat, Channing, Mich.


This caravan has become nothing more than an invading army, and it needs to be dealt with as such. Whatever force is necessary should be used to repel them.—Stephen Geiger


Those fleeing another country can request asylum in the first country they try to enter. If asylum is granted by that country, Mexico, it is responsible for caring for those it admits. If Mexico denies asylum, it should not let them enter.

Instead, Mexico aids and abets criminal activity. Frankly, I think we should declare war on Mexico and reject all would-be invaders at the southern border. Declaring war is for defense only; I’m not meaning to attack Mexico.—Ted Duke, Reston, Va.


What is their excuse for not staying and working and fighting if necessary to improve their own countries?—Bob Armstrong


You have to consider the moral mentality of people being paid to break the laws of another country. These immigrants appear to be well taken care of, like it’s show time.

We raised five children. I can’t imagine a decent destitute mother dragging her child that distance, even under desperate conditions.—Bonnie McGuire


Since the aid we send to these countries obviously is not helping those in need, we should stop every penny of aid going to the politicians who are using the funds for themselves.

Sorry, I do not feel sympathy for the invaders. If they want their lives to improve, they need to remove those who hold them hostage to poverty.—Diane Penn, Central Pennsylvania


We should stop all imports and all Mexican nationals from entering the U.S. until the entire caravan is deported below Mexico’s southern border.

Mexico has been enabling illegal immigration to the U.S. for decades. Until now, we have borne the entire cost. It is time for Mexico to pay for enabling illegal immigration. Sanctions are much stronger than a wall.—Bob Prichard


It’s time for the U.S. to stop playing the country bumpkin of world politics. The caravan people are not here to seek asylum.

They are here for the food stamp ATM cards and welfare at U.S. taxpayer expense, or for stealing jobs from Americans. The strong young men in the caravan should be directed back to fight the oppressors in their own countries.—Robert Albanese

Jim Acosta at the White House 

Dear Daily Signal: The Trump administration should follow the example of Ronald Reagan with respect to presidential news conferences (“As CNN’s Acosta Returns, White House Seeks ‘Decorum’ for Press”). If my memory is correct, these events had become a free-for-all during Jimmy Carter’s tenure: reporters shouting out questions, impatiently begging to be called upon, the room resembling a first-grade classroom with no teacher present.

When Reagan took over in 1981, the entire event was changed: no shouting out questions, civil and respectful behavior required, an orderly and dignified event.

Trump should do the same: The numbers of media allowed in the room reduced, those who engage in disrespectful behaviors not allowed in the room again, a list of reporter’s questions chosen ahead of time (allowing all sides to have a chance), and absolutely no one like the goon from CNN allowed to participate.

Take control. No president should be subject to this chaos.—Randy Malcom, Limon, Colo.


According to the judge’s standards, Jim Acosta could stand there and call the president every name in the book, rolling off curse after curse, and he would need to be allowed to do so? No judge has the right to force the White House to allow people to act like animals.—Anthony Alafero


I just wanted to add my voice to what I hope is a growing chorus of others to stand in solidarity with CNN and stage a walkout of the White House press room if Jim Acosta is not reinstated. What was done to Acosta is horrifying. To use a doctored video to justify his removal completely violates freedom of the press.

No news story is worth weakening the collective power of the press, especially from a White House press secretary and an administration that repeatedly has shown a willingness to lie. Please stand up for your fellow reporters and remember this isn’t a partisan issue, this is a violation of constitutional rights.—Ben Iker, Los Angeles


It’s OK to reinstate Jim Acosta’s White House press pass. But because he has no manners, put him in the very back of the room. Give him a microphone that can be remotely shut off. And give him one question only until he can give the president the respect he deserves.—Glenn Schuske, Belton, Texas


Acosta’s behavior is despicable. He’s despicable. He is not a journalist. He’s a a self-centered egomaniac. He should never be allowed at a White House press conferences.—Tonya Acre Merrill


It won’t be long before “Just Me Jim” is thrown out of another White House briefing. He feels he is entitled to say whatever he wants, when he wants, for as long as he wants. I say BS to CNN and Acosta.—John F. Edwards, Opelousas, La.


CNN has lots of other “journalists” they can send. So how is freedom of the press denied?—Drew Page


Jim Acosta was not banned from the White House. His hard pass was revoked. He could have applied on a daily basis for a one-time pass. Note to Acosta: It is not about you.—David C. Kelder


Ignore Acosta completely. If he grabs the mic, remotely turn it off.  So then he has something looking like a toddler’s rattle, which is fitting. Just don’t acknowledge him in any way. If he has a tantrum, shut the press conference down, turn, and walk out.—Marty Miller

What Our Children Don’t Get These Days 

Dear Daily Signal: The commentary by Walt Heyer reveals that when a parent, teacher, or doctor encounters “gender dysphoria” in a child, the first thing to do is check for abuse (“Trump’s Proposed Rollback of Transgender Policy Is Good News for Many Who Are Suffering”). Also, when a kid wants to change his or her sex (yes, “sex”; “gender” is for grammar) it could also mean they need encouragement (that is, advice to have courage) to “be themselves.”

Effeminate boys or masculine girls are often afraid to express themselves because homophobia on the one hand and lesser opportunity/support for achievement by women on the other. But instead of engendering (no pun intended) courage, liberals want society to legislate acceptance of every type of personality that arises. Finding acceptance is comforting, but you can’t force or even expect all of society to think you’re wonderful when you’re not the image of its cultural ideals.

It’s not unlike autistic people who recognize their “condition” as not an illness but a unique way of being in the world and so resent others trying to “cure” them. That takes courage (and self-awareness). You can’t legislate that into existence.

As a gay man, I resent being lumped together in an “LGBTQ” group; I don’t feel anything in common with the other letters in that acronym. But because some others like me want to gain collective power to push an agenda, which at bottom is to simply force other people to accept them, the rest of us get railroaded into “identity politics.”

I don’t want to be denied my civil rights because of my orientation, but I don’t need everyone to have to “be nice” to me or accept me or else be fined or jailed. The case of that poor Oregon couple who lost their bakery because of being fined thousands of dollars for “discriminating” against a lesbian couple is just outrageous; I hope the Supreme Court gives them redress.

Finally, having a religious or spiritual outlook in life makes being “different” easier to deal with, because you don’t have only your physical/material self to identify with. In God’s eyes you are much more than that, and you have to come to recognize that about yourself as well. But again, some people who “identify” as “Christian” or “religious” push an agenda and turn off others from wanting to even try exploring a religious or spiritual way of life because of what others may think of them.

Young people today are missing out on so much because they’re being told who they are and who they shouldn’t be, instead of being encouraged to find out for themselves. Being American today has become schizoid: We pride ourselves on being rugged individuals, but then resent those who actually become or act like an individual; we tout the American dream of becoming wealthy and successful, but then deride those who do.

Young people wonder why older people become conservatives; it’s not just to better hang on to what you’ve achieved and earned (although that’s some of it) but that you recognize the real meaning of freedom, self-worth, and being human–and that it’s more important to be free than to be taken care of by the state and better to find your inner hero by overcoming life’s difficulties than to be coddled and protected, and receive a trophy just for “participating.”

It’s really a matter of just growing up.—Bob Anderson, Las Vegas

This and That 

Dear Daily Signal: I frankly do not know how you continue to comment on and cover, in such a professional manner, all the crazy stories that just keep coming.

I pray this unhinged way of seeing our part of the world is not catching. While people are concerned about who should use which bathroom and what sex you “feel” you are when you take your first breath on this earth, there are truly many problems that need solving.

I have family who lived in Paradise, California. They were driving through the flames when they saw a man running, holding a baby in his arms. The traffic was so backed up.  If they had gotten in their car just a few minutes later, they would not have made it out. Smoke and fire prevented them from finding the man running with his child. Our family members are safe, but still in shock. It was like a war zone.

I am a firm believer in being a pioneer, like by grandparents from Norway. They came to our country with no safety net and knew they would never see their parents and family again. They worked hard every day because they had to provide for themselves. What a wonderful family they created here in their new world.

If you can find any sane stories to report, God bless you. Keep sending me all your reporting. Maybe our nation will make it to the other side. I am starting to believe in deporting all the lunatics and starting over with the few sane, good people who might be left.—Jeanne Engebretsen, Bend, Ore.


I adamantly disagree with Jarrett Stepman’s claim in his commentary that the United States “has always been” safe for Jews (“America Has Always Been a Safe Haven for Jews. An Evil Killer Won’t Change That.”).

During World War II, the Roosevelt administration turned away thousands of Jews who were trying to escape the Third Reich. Many of them were taken in by Cuba, but FDR refused to allow them safe haven in the USA. I hope that clears it up for you.—Kris Bancroft


Nineteen people voting illegally in North Carolina (“New Voter Fraud Cases Show Need to Secure Our Elections“)? A crime wave of illegal votes! When you post stories like this, people will laugh at you. And they should.—Kevin Leonard, Newington, Conn.


I am a retired teacher of social studies and German. I cannot believe The Heritage Foundation at times. We sure do not need Tori Whiting’s commentary article bashing the Trump administration’s trade negotiations and trade policy with China right now (“Trump’s Trade War Is Causing Long-Term Damage“).

Supporting the status quo? When we have been extorted, when our intellectual property has been stolen, while we are negotiating? I guess you folks support the globalist agenda. I’m disappointed. We need to stand up for fair treatment and for our workers.—Mike Cloncs, Alexandria, Ind.


Loved your podcast about R. Riveter (“Podcast: The Military Spouses Behind R. Riveter”). I am an artist (claudiacoleman.com) who lives in Southern Pines, North Carolina, and I love the company’s quality line of products.

Their leader of production is a friend who started out making great leather chaps for us horse people. And now this! Great exposure for a good product.—Claudia Coleman, Southern Pines, N.C.


Great article and podcast with historian Tracy McKenzie describing the first Thanksgiving (“Podcast: The History of Thanksgiving“). Interesting and informative. But no mention of Native Americans. Were any there? —Tom Ward

Editor’s note: In his book, “The First Thanksgiving,” McKenzie writes that about 90 men of the Wampanoag tribe were present, including their chief, Massasoit.

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How Are We Doing?

Dear Daily Signal: You have excellent articles, well written and full of detail. I share a couple occasionally with Republican friends. And I am an independent who favors certain issues on both sides of the political spectrum.—Nancy James


My question is, exactly how balanced The Daily Signal’s “On the Street” report will be if you go to the streets of Washington, D.C.? Responses from that city would hardly represent responses from most people.—Patricia Bradley, Loveland, Ohio


I do not do videos. If you have something to say, then give it to me in text. A transcript of the video would be so much faster and better, easier to read, and waste less time.—William Adams


Cover fewer and less substantial subjects, but explore covered subjects in greater depth.—Ronald Isham, Boquete, Panama


Keep up the good work. —Don Chisholm


Troy Worden helped to compile this edition of “We Hear You.”