Glamour magazine announces its women of the year—and surprise, surprise, not a single woman on the list is on the right. You may have heard that Ben and Jerry’s has released a new anti-Trump ice cream, but did you know it’s also supporting the Women’s March financially, despite the group’s concerning ties with Louis Farrakhan, known for anti-Semitic comments? Plus: One writer at a liberal feminist site is annoyed with Chip Gaines saying he’d like a sixth kid. Kelsey Harkness and Bre Payton join us, for the first time bringing their “Problematic Women” segment to our podcast.

We also cover these stories:

  • The alleged shooter in the tragic massacre in the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue, which left 11 dead, is being charged on 44 counts.
  • Early reports show big economic gains in October. According to ADP and Moody’s Analytics, private payrolls grew by 227,000 jobs.
  • Janet Yellen, who until recently served as chair of the Federal Reserve, expressed concern about the level of debt the U.S. is taking on, calling it “unsustainable.”

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