Kim Davis, the Kentucky County clerk who wouldn’t issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her deep Christian convictions, says she’s not going anywhere.

“If I resign, I lose my voice, and there are accommodations that can be made very easily,” Davis tells The Daily Signal. “It wasn’t like I was asking them to give me the moon or anything. I thought it was a pretty simple request.”

Davis is a free woman now after spending six days in jail for refusing to issue those marriage licenses. Since then, those licenses have been issued, but her name and title are not on them. Instead, the licenses say “pursuant to federal court order.”

Currently, the case is tied up in federal court. The American Civil Liberties Union believes that Davis’ new actions may make the licenses invalid. Davis insists she’s ready to go back to jail if she must.

“We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. It’s in the Lord’s hands, and I’m definitely relying and believing in Him.”

Davis used to be a Democrat but is now changing her party affiliation to Republican. Recently, she was honored by the conservative Family Research Council with the “Cost of Discipleship Award.”