On September 4, a group of six police officers in Memphis, Tennessee, responded to a different kind of call for help.

Jewel Warren, an eight-year-old native of Memphis, was invited to a “Father-Daughter” dance at school. Unfortunately, her father, Tim Warren, a former Memphis police officer, was killed in the line of duty in July of 2011.

“Four years ago, Tim Warren, one of Memphis’ finest police officers fell in the line of duty responding to a domestic incident at a downtown Memphis hotel,” the Memphis Police Department posted to their Facebook and website of the incident that cost Officer Warren his life. “Warren’s life was taken while he was attempting to keep our city and the citizens of Memphis safe. His family and fellow officers will never forget his ultimate sacrifice.”

Four years after his murder, Officer Warren’s widow was dejected when her daughter received the dance invitation. She decided to contact her friends about the situation.

Jewel Warren dances with her father's former colleagues. (Photo: Amanda Swain Photography)

Jewel Warren dances with her father’s former colleagues. (Photo: Amanda Swain Photography)

“Warren’s widow reached out to Taylor Amen, a MPD officer’s wife, and Donna Kirk, a widow of a Memphis firefighter and the founder of Our Fallen Heroes Foundation and explained the circumstance,” Memphis P.D. also wrote on Facebook.

Six officers from Memphis P.D. then volunteered their time to escort young Jewel to the dance.

“Warren’s daughter was treated to a trip to [the salon and spa for children] Sweet and Sassy, she received long stem roses from each officer, and was even able to catch a ride in a classic 1972 Cutlass Supreme,” Memphis P.D. wrote.

Several members of the community also donated boutonnieres for the officers and additional floral arrangements to make the night especially memorable for Jewel. Local photographer Amanda Swain volunteered to capture the night’s events on film.

“That night was truly an honor for all those involved. I had to hold back my own tears,” Swain said via email. “I can’t imagine the pain the Warren family still endures. But Jewel’s smile that night for just a moment made all well within our high crime city. The officers were just as thrilled to be there as Jewel. It will go down as a night to remember forever.”