CEDAR FALLS, Iowa –  With a goal of hitting all 99 counties here traveling by Winnebago bus, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker introduced himself Sunday to Iowans.

“The rest of the world needs to know that there is no greater friend and no worse enemy than the United States of America,” Walker told voters here, who will cast the nation’s first votes in the presidential nominating contest.

Walker, who earlier this month declared his candidacy as a Republican nominee for president, gave his remarks Sunday at an event for Iowa state Rep. Pat Grassley– U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s grandson.

Speaking at the elegant Park Place Events Centre, Walker took on challenges facing the nation.

“The greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism,” Walker said. “And we need to do something about that.”

“Today we can start by lifting the political restrictions we put on the military personnel we already have in Iraq today, so they can actually start helping our Kurd and Sunni allies reclaim the territory taken by ISIS.”

“We need to make sure that we acknowledge that Israel is an ally, and start treating Israel like an ally in the United States,” he said.

Addressing education, Walker said he embraces “high standards,” but wants them enforced at the local level.

“Every child deserves access to a great education,” Walker said. “Be it in a traditional public, a charter, a choice, a private, virtual or a home-school environment. That’s why to me, I want high standards. But I want them set at the local levels. No Common Core, no nationwide school board.”

He believes education is “more effective, more efficient, and more accountable to the American people” when handled state-by-state.

Walker has a similar vision for reforming the tax code.

“We can lower the rates, broaden the base and increase the volume of people participating in the economy,” Walker said.

“When it comes to reform, I’m for taking power out of Washington and sending it back to our states and to our people in a way that puts the hard-working taxpayers back in charge. That’s who I’m for. I’m for helping to build an economy that helps everyone live their piece of the American Dream. That’s pro-growth.”

Walker, placing a high priority on securing the border and legal immigration policies, believes America needs to improve its foreign policy to be able to combat threats such as China’s cyber attacks.

Walker said men and women who serve in the armed forces need access to resources to keep the country safe abroad.

“And now, more than ever, we need to give them the ability to protect themselves here in America and then we need to give them the quality and timely health care that they deserve when they return home.”

“The best way we can honor them is by fighting to win,” Walker said. “This is important because our goal should be peace. But there will be times when America must fight.”