GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says that Democrats are playing politics with women’s issues, especially when it comes to abortion.

“The Democrats have used this issue to scare women to death, and sometimes when men talk about this issue it seems a little scary to women because it seems judgmental.”

Fiorina’s presidential run will be marked by her attempt to hold Democrats feet to the fire when it comes to what she says is a false narrative on the so-called, “war on women.”

“I find it insulting as a woman that the Democrats continue to talk about women’s issues. We’re half the nation. We’re 53 percent of voters. In other words, we’re not a special interest group. We’re the majority. Every issue is a women’s issue.”

Fiorina is determined to make sure women engage more in the political process.

“I think women in particular turn off of the political process a lot because they don’t like the tone, they don’t like the vitriol, and they don’t like the soundbites.”