Conservativism is becoming hip.

A new survey of adult Americans conducted by the American Perceptions Initiative, a project of The Heritage Foundation, found that in October 2014 Americans’ perceptions of the conservative approach for America had improved from October 2013.

The Issue Agenda Is Tipping Toward Conservatives


In a rather significant change from October 2013, more Americans believe that conservatives are better equipped to handle the issues personally important to them. Strengthening the economy, fighting terrorism, protecting family and community and passing policies that create jobs are personally important to most Americans and perceived to be conservative equities.

More Americans Are Favorable Toward/Identify with Conservative Vision


When it comes to the political parties and philosophies, Americans say they are more favorable toward and identify more closely with conservatives and Republicans. Conservatives are seen as lifting the Republican Party, while progressives/liberals are viewed as pulling the Democrat party down.

Conservatives Improve on Important Attributes/Characteristics


Another notable shift from 2013: Americans’ perceptions of conservatives improved in terms of the characteristics or attributes that a national political movement would need to provide leadership and direction for the country.

How should conservatives capitalize on Americans’ improved perceptions? By reinforcing in America’s mind that they are ready and capable of leading on issues of national importance.

The survey of 1,000 adult Americans was conducted October 17-22, 2014, under the American Perceptions Initiative. Work for all the American Perceptions Initiative surveys is conducted by Heart+Mind Strategies and Vision Critical, LLC.