Tragedy struck Mary Ann Mendoza’s family in May when an illegal immigrant, who was driving drunk, killed her son.

Brandon Mendoza, a Mesa, Ariz., police officer, died in the crash along with Raul Silva-Corona of Mexico. Silva-Corona had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit when he was driving the wrong way on a highway and struck Mendoza’s car.

Appearing on Fox News with host Neil Cavuto, Mendoza spoke about two letters she penned to President Obama, and said she would like acknowledgement from the president of the pain and suffering Americans who are in similar situations are going through at “the hands of repeat, illegal criminals.”

Silva-Corona, who was living in the United States illegally, was convicted of crimes in Colorado two decades earlier but not deported.

Mendoza said she feels Obama is ignoring the “thousands” of Americans who lost loved ones because of crimes committed by illegal immigrants and criticized the president for helping those here illegally by offering amnesty, but not addressing the concerns of U.S. citizens.

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