Sarah Palin colorfully roused an audience of social conservatives at the Values Voter Summit this afternoon, at one point mocking President Obama for his “latte salute” by raising a Styrofoam cup to her head after thanking U.S. troops.

Palin’s speech came across more like a roast — of Obama, liberals and the “lamestream media” — for the entertainment of a welcoming crowd at the Omni Shoreham in Washington.

The former Alaska governor and 2008  Republican nominee for vice president also got the address of the White House wrong, referring to “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue” instead of 1600. She later teased herself about the mishap on Twitter.

Here are 11 of the more memorable lines from Palin’s remarks:

  1. “This is the most joyful room in Washington.”
  2. “In two years it’s the end of the Obama error. Stand up and rejoice.”
  3. “The hope and changey stuff did not work, even a smidgen.”
  4. “We are so over it. Over the false promises. We’re over that.”
  5. Of Obama’s “red line” on Syria’s chemical weapons: “[He] thought that up on the back nine.”
  6. “Lamestream media: We wear your scorn with pride.”
  7. She rarely wears her wedding ring back in Alaska because she’s often “chopping wood” and “butchering a moose.”
  8. On the president saying the Islamic State terrorist group isn’t Islamic:  “ISIS isn’t Islamic? You know who that’s news to? The Islamic State.”
  9. “That’s how you live vibrantly. With no regrets.”
  10. “Value Voters: Don’t let  ’em getcha down. We can be optimistic. The best is yet to come.”
  11. On the IRS targeting scandal:“When you target Americans, we target you.”