As a graduate of Oral Roberts University, I was blessed to spend a lot of time with Oral Roberts himself.

Roberts repeatedly told me, “Go into every man’s world and meet them at the point of their need.” 

He was referring to Christians evangelizing throughout the world. We Christians cannot wait for people seeking God to stumble into our churches. Rather, Christians must go to them and invite them to join our movement.

In a similar manner, conservatives must go!

They must go to black entrepreneurs. They must go to black parents. They must go to black preachers.

No more buffoonery. No more Stepin Fetchit. No more minstrel shows.

Blacks don’t need to be persuaded or convinced about conservative values. Blacks are the most conservative group in the country and have been for most of America’s existence.

Conservatives must start financially supporting legitimate, credible black organizations and individuals who have standing within the black community.

Conservative groups must form strategic partnerships with these credible black groups and individuals.

Far too often, conservatives attempt to address issues publicly that are of particular interest to the black community, but with not one credible black person on the platform with them.

Do conservatives not realize the optics of having a white person who has no standing in the black community attempt to address racial issues?

Why do conservatives always engage with blacks about the inner city?  Do they not realize that inner-city Washington, D.C., is mostly white? Do they not realize that inner-city St. Louis, my hometown, is mostly white?

Conservatives must go to the black businessman.

Conservatives must begin to substantively engage with black entrepreneurs. They are the gateway to the black community, not the preachers! 

Within the black community, the businessman typically is the head of the deacon board and head of the board of trustees in the black church. So, if you get the black businessman on your side, he will bring you the pastor, who will bring you the congregation.

Conservatives must go directly to black parents.

Despite how the liberal media portrays black parents as liberal, nothing could be further from the truth.

Black women are the biggest proponents of school choice and vouchers. Black men are some of the biggest proponents of the Second Amendment.

The black community is definitely not supportive of the radical liberal agenda that Democrats are pushing on it.

Blacks don’t believe Susie has two mommies or Johnny has two daddies. Blacks don’t believe governments should defund the police. Blacks don’t want to have their taxes raised.

Blacks don’t want their kids indoctrinated with critical race theory. Blacks don’t accept the notion that a man with a penis can be a girl.

Allow me to digress. Isn’t it amazing that two of the biggest names in hip-hop who normally are associated with liberal causes both live private, productive, and conservative lives?

Both have several kids with one woman. Both have been married to their respective wives for over 30 years. Both raised their kids in a household where the male was the head of the family.

I am speaking about none other than rap icons Snoop Dog and Ice Cube.

Conservatism is mainstream within the black community. Don’t let the radical left media fool you or convince you otherwise.

Conservatives must go to credible black preachers. We need to promote preachers who are not afraid to say there is a right and a wrong; that women should stop having babies outside marriage; that homosexuality is not compatible with Christianity; and that legalizing drugs is morally wrong.

We are in the process of losing our country right before our eyes. If conservatives truly believe conservative principles will cure the radical leftward drift of our country, when will they take our conservative message to the marketplace of ideas within the black community?

Stop recirculating the same blacks to speak at your conferences. Most of these speakers have absolutely no connection to our community, therefore the black community tunes them out.

They who are whole need not a physician. If we believe our conservative philosophy is the solution, then we must go into the highways and byways of black communities and invite them to be a part of the conservative movement. 

Anything short is like the sounding brass or tinkling cymbal, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Conservatives must go!

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