Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s audience isn’t happy about a star of Disney+’s “Star Wars” prequel series “The Mandalorian” being fired for her conservative-leaning posts on social media. Here’s a sampling, with some related mail. Don’t hesitate to write about our coverage to letters@dailysignal.com.—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Douglas Blair’s commentary, I think what Lucasfilm and Disney did to Gina Canaro by firing her from “The Mandalorian” was a disgusting, weak, stupid thing to do (“Lucasfilm’s Decision to Fire Gina Carano Is Galactic Hypocrisy”). Shame on them for their pathetic, cancel culture move.

We loved “The Mandalorian.” I am going to cancel our Disney+ subscription out of disgust. The devil is sure having fun with the idiots doing this to so many people for expressing their right to free speech.

What happened to our freedoms that set us apart from the very countries that we are now turning into? The big online companies that sell stuff have become judges of our behavior, though they have no right to do that in a free democracy. And you know who I mean.

I’m glad I’m old. I have a lot of fear as to where this Nazi-themed world is headed. I’m so glad I lived in a better time. I’m proud that I tried to make the world a better, beautiful, respectful, happy place. I did so by respecting all people, not falling for the mob mentality, following the “do unto others” mantra, cleaning up my messes, and not expecting “stuff” for nothing, like so many do now.

I worked a full-time job all my life, obeyed the laws, was kind to animals, paid my bills, paid taxes, and didn’t blame others for my life not being perfect. I never thought others owed me anything I didn’t earn myself. 

I could go on and on about this current, sick world created by out-of-control humans. Social media must take a lot of the blame.  Being anonymous makes it super-easy for too many people to be horrible to others online.

Now I think I’ll go for a walk and smile, and enjoy the sunshine, before someone decides they’re offended that I can walk, see the beautiful world I live in (for now), and smile.—Pam Elbers, San Diego

Dear Daily Signal: Douglas Blair’s commentary on actress Gina Carano’s firing by Disney/Lucasfilm was excellent and provided me with important facts to throw at my left-wing friends who say, “Disney is a private company with their own values, which Carano violated.”

The only thing I might point out is that I think one of Blair’s statements—“Thankfully today, politically driven hate rarely poses a threat to our lives”—understates the threat of the cancel culture we see sweeping across the country today.

Many lives are being threatened, from Fox News commentators to the defense attorney in President Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial.—Stanley Liberty

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Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Douglas Blair’s commentary on Disney’s hypocrisy in Lucasfilm’s termination of actress Gina Carano: You took the words right out of my mouth. And Gina did as well.

This censorship, the control of the media (mostly) and education, is exactly the fascist methodology employed by the communists, socialists, and leftists. And Hitler was a leftist socialist, utilizing fascist tactics.

These tactics aim to weed out undesirables, eliminate choice by controlling information, and create a “master” class by indoctrinating the youth. Exactly like the Nazis.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but Carano was more likely cancelled because she accurately compared the elitist leftists to Nazis, when their goal is to make everyone believe everyday Americans who support President Trump (who denounces white supremacists and neo-Nazis every chance he gets) are the Nazis.

To be sure, there are far-right, neo-Nazi Trump supporters, but they are fringe. The leftist fascists are also in Antifa and among founders of, and intellectuals in, Black Lives Matter.

But these folks, because of the fascist methodology decribed, are infiltrating and corrupting everyday Americans through the Democrat Party. I’m glad Gina has options to go work with people who understand history and respect facts and truth.—Kristin K.

Dear Daily Signal: Walt Disney would be appalled at what his vision has become. The behavior of today’s leadership at the Walt Disney Co. and all its entities seems to be totally committed to helping China destroy America. 

The company leadership has completely forgotten its roots and abrogated its responsibility to the country that gave it birth.

I’m an Army veteran, a conservative, and a Christian. I have complained for years that virtually every single item sold on Disney properties is made in China.  I have been told “we buy from China in order to give our customers the best value for their money.”

The truth: Disney has financially helped a communist country to become America’s biggest threat for the sake of maximizing profits at the expense of American workers and those patrons who spend billions every year on Disney properties. To film a movie (“Mulan”) in China where the freedoms we enjoy are nonexistent, is reprehensible. 

Disney-Lucasfilm’s decision to fire someone who identifies “hate” as causal to violence against a specific group is a First Amendment violation that warrants an appropriate, definitive response. Cancel your Disney+, cancel your annual passes, cancel all visits to Disney venues, and never purchase a Disney item again. 

This is the only kind of action that will make a difference. Disney needs to know that we Americans are still the No. 1 reason for its success.—Donald Latta, Pataskala, Ohio


You can see what is wrong with all of this. Anyone who can’t is deaf, dumb, and blind. Looks like it’s time to let people know just how far left Disney has gone. I’m all for boycotting Disney; they are too left for me.—Louise Falcone

Ben Shapiro Confronts Cancel Culture

Dear Daily Signal: I read Ben Shapiro’s commentary, “It’s Time to Uncancel Americans,” contrasting the reactions of “The Mandalorian” star Gina Carano and “The Bachelor” host Chris Harrison to the thought and speech Nazis.

I am glad to see Carano is standing up to them. However, I am very dismayed about the phrase “ballsy move,” which Shapiro used to describe her courage. I find it problematic to use a term that refers to a part of the male reproduction organs to relate to courage.

It is a matter of courage that comes from within a person’s soul. I honestly wish this term would be replaced with courage, backbone, or spine. Thank you for covering this story.—Kathy Apgar, Carlisle, Pa.

Dear Daily Signal: I admire the courage of people such as Ben Shapiro and Gina Carano. I agree with Shapiro’s column and am disgusted with the power that Americans allow the woke crowd to exert.

We see people from all walks sincerely apologize to others or make a public apology, but it doesn’t matter. They are still fired, canceled, or otherwise ostracized for their actions, no matter how innocent.

We need to quit apologizing for our actions that do not comport with woke social justice warriors who have become enforcers. Power perceived is power achieved. They win twice.

Once when an “offender” publicly acquiesces to their shaming, and twice because no matter how sincere the apology, the cancel culture removes them.—Brian McCurry, Rowlett, Texas

Dear Daily Signal: Gina Carano should challenge any and all of these woke weaklings to a one-on-one in the mixed martial arts ring. Judging from that photo of her that you published with Shapiro’s column, I dare say she could take any of them one-handed, whether female, male, or something in between.

The woke weaklings fancy themselves as this strong force, but they hide behind computer screens and equally scaredy-cat business executives. One-on-one they are sheep, and Carano is a tigress.—Paul Levy, North Carolina


It is so refreshing to see Gina Carano have the courage to stand up to the cancel culture mob. God bless her and give her strength, perseverance, and fortitude to withstand the onslaught that will surely come. 

I applaud this young woman. She is doing something that is meaningful far above the present moment. My message to her would be to stand her ground and never apologize. 

She is right: They can’t cancel us if we don’t let them.—Diana Lott, Orlando, Fla.


What is the best way to let the “woke” Disney management know how imbecilic the firing of Gina Carano was? Has common sense departed Disney management?—Pete Bishop

Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl Ad

Dear Daily Signal: I’m writing about Kelsey Bolar’s commentary on the criticism of Dolly Parton’s ad for Squarespace (“Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl Ad Attacked for Celebrating the Side Hustle”).

Personally, I love the gig economy. I think it’s a shame that freelance journalist Kim Kelly and others who criticize Parton’s ad want to destroy it and talk bad about it. The gig economy is not a bad thing.

The American spirit of working, making a living, and being your own boss is the American way, right? Gig work is fulfilling, flexible, and rewarding. I am a grocery-delivery gig worker, with Shipt, and I love the flexibility it offers.

I can take care of my family appropriately and have the time needed with them. I actually make more money with that than a regular 9-to-5 job. I set my own hours and choose which orders and where I want to work. I also have a part-time job at Home Depot, which I love, and have a set schedule working 16 hours a week there. Full time does not work for me there because of driving kids to school, appointments, and all that being a mom entail. 

My 20-year-old daughter quit her job at a retail store to work with Shipt because of the flexibility it offers around her schooling. She makes more money doing that in fewer hours. And has time to focus on her school.

So the government needs to stop thinking that everyone should fit into the same box: their box. It’s ridiculous that government actually would pass laws that would hurt the average American worker and possibly put them out of work. That is not rewarding. And depending on government assistance is never rewarding, nor does it builds confidence. Nor is it the American way.

People need to work. I hope Americans’ eyes are opened to the reality of what’s going on. Thank you for your time and a great article.—Amy Nichols, Waterford, Mich.

Dear Daily Signal: Here’s what I posted on Facebook when I shared Kelsey Bolar’s article about Dolly Parton’s ad and the criticism by journalist Kim Kelly:

I’m sorry, Kim Kelly, but you’re just wrong. The ‘side hustle’ is what kept me sane when I had three babies in four years. (I love them, but I’m not going to lie. It was intense.) The ‘side hustle’ is what kept me current in a profession I love, while being able to take advantage of the one job I wanted and prayed for more than anything: being a mom.

The ‘side hustle’ helped pay for the minivan and the vacations while my husband was working his rear end off. Long before the ship came in, it was the ‘side hustle’ that saved us. So get your prying, government hands out of my life. You don’t know me. You don’t know what’s best for me. Shut the [bleep] up!

Sorry for the “bleep,” but I feel pretty strongly about this one. —Mary Jane Bogle, Indiana


Regarding Dolly Parton’s Squarespace ad and its encouragement of working for yourself: There is nothing in the world like the pride of ownership.

Miss Parton is correct. It was a wonderful way to bring back her song “9 to 5” to a new generation and encourage them to pursue their entrepreneurial desires of striking out on their own (or with a few others) and pursuing their dreams of ownership.—John Besharian


Thanks for Kelsey Bolar’s article on Dolly Parton’s ad.  As I did not watch the Super Bowl or any of its commercials, I was interested in this article to find fodder for another letter to my congressman and senators.

I definitely will write to them requesting that they vote against the Democrats’ legislation titled the Protect the Right to Organize Act. Who will be the “employer” for the many teenagers who baby-sit or care for neighbors’ pets or house plants as their first job?

And that’s just for starters, so I’ll stop there. I’m too old for this.—Sue Mayhew, Emmett, Idaho


May I remind the critics that our country was built on free market capitalism and free speech, religious freedom, and the right to bear arms? Why do they think everyone else wants to live here?

Find another person to attack! Dolly has done a lot to feed people and so on.

Why not pick on the easy target, politicians? They’re stalling tax refunds and COVID-19 relief while millions of Americans are hanging by a thread. While politicians get paid and take vacations, our country disintegrates.—Christine Campbell


Dolly Parton is a sterling example of a hardworking personality with a sharing heart. Sure, she make money. But she earns it and is generous with the income, not just hoarding it. Easy to love her.—Larry Owen, Zionsville, Ind.

And Bruce Springsteen’s Jeep Ad

Dear Daily Signal: Bruce Springsteen is the biggest hypocrite, as Tony Perkins’ commentary reminds me (“Springsteen’s Jeep Ad Highlights How Liberals Call for Unity Only When They’re Winning”). He’s always singing about the little guy, but charges an arm and a leg for his concerts.

Springsteen writes anti-American songs about how bad life is here, but enjoys all it has to offer. The song “Born in the USA,” at his own admission, is about how unjust our country is. He complains about the environment and capitalism, yet flies around in his private jet.

One thing I know for sure after watching the Jeep ad with him calling for unity, and after owning five Jeeps: I’m going to purchase a Dodge Ram instead.—Steve Taylor, Peoria, Ariz.


Thank you for Tony Perkins’ great commentary on Bruce Springsteen’s Jeep ad to counter the phony, left-wing nonsense.

As the owner of four Jeeps, I guess I’ll have to seriously consider whether I would buy another. I’ve always been a proud Jeep owner. Not so much now. Is there anything the left cannot diminish?—Raymond Feinberg, Florida


A good country music star would have been much closer to the Jeep image out in the hinterlands than Bruce Springsteen.

Whoever at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles OK’d the Springsteen ad for Jeep should be sacked immediately. Choosing a far-left, so-called celebrity to further the Jeep image is completely out of touch.—Dave Pearson, Utah

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