The Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic order of nuns, secured a major victory Wednesday. The nuns had been sued by Pennsylvania and New Jersey over their refusal, on religious grounds, to offer birth control and abortion-inducing drugs as part of their employees’ health care coverage. 

Amy Swearer, Heritage Foundation legal fellow, joins “Problematic Women” to discuss the high court’s ruling, why the case has dragged on for so many years, and why the Little Sisters likely will be challenged in court again soon. 

We also discuss President Donald Trump’s July 3 speech at Mount Rushmore and the media’s less than friendly response. Plus, we welcome Laura Falcon to the show to discuss Netflix’s “wokification” of the beloved book series “The Baby-Sitters Club” in its original TV series bearing the same title. And of course, we crown our Problematic Woman of the Week. 

Enjoy the show! 

And to learn more about the Supreme Court’s ruling, be sure to check out Amy Swearer’s latest piece on The Daily Signal.