The media have complained for months that the president is unfair to them. They have even referred to him as the “divider in chief.” But what about the media’s divisive behavior to those Americans who identify as Christians?

The media sunk to a new low when they attacked second lady Karen Pence this week for her decision to teach art at a Christian school in Virginia.

CNN’s chief national correspondent John King even questioned whether or not Pence should receive taxpayer-funded security protection or government housing because she is working for a Christian school.

The controversy surrounding Pence’s employment at Immanuel Christian School is absurd and worrying.

The employment application makes applicants sign a pledge not to engage in homosexual activity or violate the “unique roles of male and female.”

Keep in mind, this is not the only aspect of the Immanuel Christian School’s code of conduct, which sets strict guidelines for the staff to adhere to the teachings of the institution’s religious orientation.

This is a religious school that takes the dictates of Christianity seriously. Is it no longer acceptable for such a thing to exist? Is it no longer acceptable for people who hold public office to be committed Christians?

Former President Barack Obama once said—before being elected president—that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman in accordance with his Christian beliefs. Was he not fit to serve? Obama later said he “evolved” and moved away from his position, but what about those who have decided to stay committed to their views?

While the left has won many policy and legal battles over cultural issues, the attacks on Pence demonstrate that for them, tolerance is not enough. Simply holding views—or following lifestyles—that conflict with ever-evolving progressive dogma is deemed unacceptable.

Under this formula, the media aims to outright expunge serious Christians from public life. This follows the treatment of Christian judicial nominees who have been increasingly subjected to unconstitutional religious tests as a barrier to office. The media—in alignment with the Democrat Party—has simply deemed religious Americans enemies of the people.