Two days after “Roseanne” star Roseanne Barr went on a Twitter tirade that led to ABC pulling the plug on the hugely successful reboot of her show, TBS “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee went after White House senior adviser and first daughter Ivanka Trump in a nasty attack.

“You know, Ivanka, that’s a beautiful photo of you and your child, ” Bee said, “but let me just say, one mother to another, do something about your dad’s immigration practices, you feckless c—.”

“He listens to you,” Bee continued, discussing the administration’s immigration policy at the border. “Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to f—ing stop it.”

Bee later apologized “for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night,” saying it was “inappropriate and inexcusable.” (The apology came after the recording of “Problematic Women.”) But unlike Barr, Bee still has her show. Is there a double standard? That’s what we discuss in week’s edition of “Problematic Women.”

We also take on J.Crew’s new “feminist” T-shirt for young boys, where the clothing label teamed up with a text-based graphic designer who makes clothing featuring issues “ranging from women’s reproductive rights and push for equality to education and gun control.” And finally, we address the “Bachelorette” first impression rose going to a man who liked problematic posts on Instagram.

Watch in the video above, or listen in the podcast below.