ATLANTA, Ga. – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush criticized the “Alice in Wonderland” foreign policy of the Obama administration during a speech to conservative activists today.

“It’s all backwards and upside down,” Bush said.

He said the Chinese, the Russians and ISIS all act with “impunity” because “they no longer fear us.”

“We have to begin to lead again,” Bush said. “American leadership is essential to a more peaceful world.”

Bush spoke at the RedState gathering along with several other Republican presidential candidates.

He called for the nation to begin construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, calling it an essential component of a “North American energy strategy.”

He said that the United States has “the most convoluted” tax code in the world, and it is stifling economic growth.

Bush has promised a 4 percent economic growth rate should he be elected president. He said simplifying the tax code and constructing the Keystone pipeline are components of his plan to achieve that growth rate.

He said that Florida reformed their education system and expanded their school voucher system while he was governor.

Asked about Common Core, Bush said he supports “high standards.”

On illegal immigration, Bush said that sanctuary cities should be held accountable for breaking federal law.

He said immigrants who are in the country illegally should be able to earn “legal status,” but not citizenship.