President Obama finally got his long sought after nuclear deal with Iran. But as many have said from the very beginning, no deal is better than a bad deal – and The Heritage Foundation believes this is a very bad deal.

There are numerous flaws in the agreement. But it’s because of the following four reasons Heritage national security experts believe this nuclear agreement with Iran means we have taken one step closer to nuclear war.

First, the deal leaves Iran’s vast nuclear infrastructure largely intact. Inspections went from anytime/anywhere to sometimes/someplaces.  This deal amounts to dismantling sanctions in exchange for a partial freeze on uranium enrichment.  Research and development on centrifuges and ballistic missiles is not included.

Second, sanctions relief will make the region far less safe as billions of dollars, potentially $300 to $400 billion, will now flow into the Iranian economy. But let’s be clear – all those dollars won’t be finding their way in to the pockets of the Iranian people.  Much of this money will be taken in by the Iranian regime and that means a lot of money will go to fund terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Shia insurgencies in Yemen. This could reshape the regional balance and undermine U.S. interests in the region. This deal diminishes our influence and increases Iran’s.

Third, Turkey and many of Iran’s Arab neighbors will now be more inclined to start their own enrichment programs. Why should they sit by while the biggest instigator in international terrorism is, at best, delayed in producing a nuclear weapon?  This will make an already unstable Middle East yet more unpredictable and dangerous.

Fourth, the deal would be temporary. The restrictions on uranium enrichment will come to an end – all the while Iran will be doing its homework on how to use that uranium to build a nuclear weapon. And we shouldn’t assume Iran will delay and play by the rules. Iran has frequently violated its obligations under other nuclear agreements.

Here’s the deal on the deal: It does not block Iran’s pathway to a nuclear weapon.  That’s why it’s a good deal for Iran and a very bad deal for America and the rest of the world.