We had a great conversation on our first Daily Signal Hangout this week, and if you weren’t able to join us LIVE, I hope you’ll watch the discussion here.

We covered a host of topics, including the growing movement by parents across the country to push back on Common Core, how getting rid of the Export-Import Bank would be a win for taxpayers and the outrageous attempt by more than 40 U.S. Senators to limit free speech.

I was joined by Heritage Foundation education expert Lindsey Burke, regulatory expert Diane Katz and legal scholar Hans von Spakovsky, who also gave us a sneak preview of his forthcoming book on the Justice Department under Eric Holder.

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint answered a number of your questions via email and Twitter, including ones related to immigration reform and the growing concerns around the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

The next Daily Signal Hangout will take place on Thursday, June 19. We want to incorporate more of your questions next time, so please send your comments and questions to @GenevieveWood or email me [email protected].