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Dear Daily Signal: I am ashamed to be an American, and particularly ashamed of NATO (“What Could Be Next in Russia-Ukraine Conflict”). How can we watch what is happening in Ukraine and not do anything, other than levy symbolic sanctions?

President Biden said he was going to help by limiting Russian flights to the U.S. Excuse me, Russians are not bombing U.S. civilians. They are bombing Ukrainian women and children.

Putin is a bully. We all know how bullies behave. If you give them an inch, they take a mile. If you beat them over the head with a sledgehammer, they sulk away and disappear. We already gave Russian President Vladimir Putin way more than an inch. We gave him Georgia in 2008. We gave him Crimea in 2014, and now we are giving him Ukraine.

If you think Putin cares one iota about economic sanctions, you simply are denying reality on the ground. Since the economic sanctions have gone into effect, he is escalating the war.

What is the major reason cited by the U.S., NATO, Biden, and the media for not intervening to stop this “unprovoked and intentional” invasion of one country by another? Because Putin has nuclear weapons, and he has put them on high alert?

Excuse me, if we allow Putin to invade a neighboring country because he has nuclear weapons, what is to stop him from invading other countries—even countries that are members of NATO, regardless of Article 5? If his possession of nuclear weapons stops NATO from intervening in Ukraine, then it likewise should stop NATO from intervening in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.

Why would NATO risk a nuclear war to help these small countries? What is to stop other nuclear powers such as China and North Korea from invading other countries? 

Why won’t Putin use nuclear weapons? The answer is mutually assured destruction, the doctrine that has kept the world from using such weapons since the U.S. destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The last thing a bully like Putin wants is to die. He reserves that for other people, such as his own soldiers and Ukrainian civilians.

What is the major reason conservatives are citing for not intervening? It’s that the U.S. doesn’t have any significant interests in Ukraine, so why risk American lives and resources. This is a denial of history. The U.S. was sucked into World War I and World War II after tyrants achieved significant military goals.

But America then, like today, had no appetite for war. I don’t have an appetite war. But this Russian aggression needs to be stopped before we get into a much wider conflagration, or even a third world war.

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy asked NATO for a no-fly zone over Ukraine. While honoring this request, NATO should have sent a fleet of bomber drones to wipe out the 40-mile convoy of military equipment Putin sent to Kyiv. This is the only sledgehammer that will make Putin sulk away and disappear. This is the only action that makes sense, particularly after the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

I am not a big believer in the domino theory, shown to be false during the Vietnam era. But absent firm military action on behalf of Ukraine, what is to stop China from taking over Taiwan? What is to stop other dictators with imperial ambitions from trying to take over other countries?

Finally, NATO has a moral imperative to act. While we have the military power and spend trillions on defense, we cannot stand by and watch this unfold against fellow human beings. Perhaps our foreign policy should be as simple as: Do the right thing.—Ed Rothberg

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Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Patty Jane Geller’s commentary (“In a Dangerous Move, Putin Orders Nuclear Forces on High Alert”), now is not the time for armchair generals. Now is do or die for America.

Putin, if backed into a corner, will use nukes. It won’t take much more, like the European Union sending fighter jets or America upping our nuclear posture or completely gutting Russia’s economy.

We must give Putin an off ramp—a demilitarized Ukraine. Ukraine, God love them, cannot ever be our cause. The EU and NATO should carefully increase a defensive-only posture.

Read more on Russian history. Let the Russian people handle this, while we increase our cyberdefenses and satellite observation capabilities. We can’t increase the pain on ordinary Russians; we must support their efforts to free themselves from Putin. The media must get in the trenches with the Russian people, filming their pain and efforts to rid themselves of Putin.

Putin is a KGB veteran. Tough guy, but now it’s painfully clear he no longer is capable of functioning rationally. And he has his finger on the button.—Col. David Blackburn, U.S. Army retired, Bluewater Bay, Fla.

Dear Daily Signal: I’ve watched and listened to the news reports about Russia’s invading Ukraine, just like everyone else on the planet who is cognizant. For those of us who went to war and sacrificed ourselves for our country and came back on 100% permanent disability, we understand that killing the enemy before they kill you is not up for discussion.

From my perspective, NATO may have been a good idea after World War II, but it has done little to defend the innocent being slaughtered by Putin.

I listened to President Biden use just about every excuse in the book when it came to fighting Russia, so we are left to watch women and children who will be killed by the thousands—all because Ukraine is not a member of the boys’ club. Biden is no wartime leader, nor is he a peacetime leader.

Everyone who had intelligence that Putin would attack the Ukraine should have put in place all of the weapons and battle plans to deter him. It’s better to have weapons and plans and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

That 40-mile-long Russian military convoy that sat for two days on open roads would have been a perfect target for airstrikes, if only the Ukraine had the air power to act.—Gregory J. Topliff, Warrenville, S.C.


God help these poor people, is my reaction to Maggie Hroncich’s collection of news photos (“18 Photos Capture Russia’s Onslaught Against Citizens of Ukraine”). Their country and their lives are being destroyed.

What gives Putin and the Russians the right to do this to a sovereign country? They are the devil personified. 

I loved the Moscow-based Bolshoi Ballet, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Dmitri Shostokovich’s music, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Faberge eggs. So many magnificent Russian treasures. Never again will they bring me pleasure and mean the same to me.—Tom Cloutier

Deconstructing Putin

Dear Daily Signal: Is the American military, not to mention the entire American government, brain-dead? I refer to the Russian war on Ukraine. 

After World War II, did we not spend years and trillions of dollars keeping the Soviet Union from any further incursions into Europe? Were we not successful when, in 1990, the Soviet Union collapsed? 

Why, then, do we now wish to see the old Soviet Union restored under Vladimir Putin, starting with Ukraine? This is madness.

A highly visible Russian target emerged in Ukraine: the Russian convoy headed toward Kiev. In military history, was there ever a better target for U.S. and NATO air power? In one localized stroke, the entire Russian invasion into the Ukraine would fall apart. 

I’m not a military genius, I was in the Army, but only as a Specialist 5. However, why are we piddling around while the Russians are trying to take over Ukraine?—Robert Bunce, Colchester, Conn.


Putin surrounded Ukraine with so many tanks and other armored vehicles for a reason: He fears a high rate of casualties, which in turn would undermine his support at home, as it did in Afghanistan. 

That’s one way to gauge Putin’s attack strategy and tactics. He knows he can’t afford to expend the lives that Stalin expended in World War II.

Having said that, NATO must find a way for Putin to “save face.” For that, the expert would be Chinese President Xi Jinping. How about Russia’s agreeing at a meeting in Berlin to pay reparations to Ukraine after withdrawing completely, with Ukraine giving up Crimea?—Neil R. McDonald, Alexandria, Va.


May God bless us all. This time we are in deep trouble if European leaders can’t convince Russia to halt and withdraw its troops from Ukraine. We need courageous people to stand up and say stop war.

The world at large has reached a place where everyone has to be recognized as brother, sister, daughter, and son. In fact, we’re one despite color, language, and origin. God help us reason properly.—Abraham Chipalo Simunyola 


Chinese subsidies to Russia will more than offset the financial impact of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and its allies. Putin is old school KGB. He learned dictatorship from bullies of the 1940s and ’50s. It will take a miracle to change him.—Keith Simar

Zelenskyy’s Manhood

Dear Daily Signal: Rachel del Guidice’s article headlined “Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Shows the World What It Means to Be a Man” pulled at my heart, as if to say I need to stop and learn from Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. As an older man, I can’t jump on an airplane and go fight for freedom with those in Ukraine.

However, there are things I can do in the U.S. to make a huge difference. I can rescue the many children in our community who are being negatively affected by an ungodly sex-education curriculum in public schools. I can work with those in my church to help start a K-12 community Christian school. Or I can support the beginning of a homeschool co-op that gives parents an affordable educational option.

Yes, there are many things I can and will do to help build a strong conservative foundation for the next generation. But, there is one thing I can’t do because I am inspired by the example of Zelenskyy: I can’t sit back and do nothing but hope things will change for the better. 

I believe there is a new stirring in the hearts of many Americans. Men and women who are willing to risk it all and follow the lead of Zelenskyy. We realize now is the time to get involved and turn this country back to the biblical foundation on which it was built.

Because, if we don’t take a stand for righteousness, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”—Homer Allen, Boston 


Thank you so much for Rachel del Guidice’s article regarding Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I don’t know anything more about the man, but he is truly standing up for his country and not leading from behind.

Thank you for putting it in context regarding human masculinity, as we have surely lost the edge in our country by listening to those who degrade our men. Keep up the good work and I will support you and your stand.—Jim Shapazian, California


Yes, Zelenskyy does speak up in a manly tone. However, he seems to be leading his nation into the Great Reset of Klaus Schwab, the German economist and founder of the World Economic Forum, who has captured most of Europe.

Only Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban seems to see the real danger of the globalist empire-builders, much more sneaky and media-wise than any previous empire. Our deep state wants to follow Schwab too.—Bill Coates 


Thank you for the wonderfully apt article by Rachel del Guidice  about Zelenskyy and his manhood. Such a short article for such a punch of truth and reality.—Karen L. Chrin


Zelenskyy didn’t run, he stood his ground and led his people. Would the current American leaders do that?—Don J. (Hoss) Smith, Brownwood, Texas

Fact-Checking Gas Prices

Dear Daily Signal: Regarding Fred Lucas’ article “Fact-Checking 3 Biden Claims on Gas Prices,” we in America are still highly dependent on fossil fuels. Although the idea of green energy is a viable alternative, we have a long way to go to achieve that.

The cost of obtaining the “ingredients” to build alternative energy sources is much higher at this time than using our fossil fuels. Think about all the natural resources that go into building such a new energy infrastructure. Much of the material needed comes from foreign imports. Obtaining it all uses more fossil fuel energy than just using that energy as we now do.

At this time, the alternative energy sources that are being built come at a price higher than producing our own local fossil fuels. Most of the products incorporated into these new sources are not recyclable and will take up much area for disposal. Many parts aren’t biodegradable and are detrimental to the environment.

If we would stop sending money to foreign entities and keep it here as an investment in our future, we would be much more secure and independent. More refineries and more efficient ways of transporting products could be built. With newer technology and science discoveries, the environment could be more secure. More jobs would be opened locally and more money kept here to keep our economy intact and growing.

With some regulation on the production of energy, the cost of energy could be greatly reduced. We also could begin exporting our surplus to other countries rather than importing.

Newer materials are sturdier and more flexible than what has been used in the past for building pipelines; therefore, newer ways of transporting fuels, either raw or refined, wouldn’t be a liability to the environment. There also are newer ways to keep the environment cleaner from the burning of fossil fuels; using tax credits to expedite these methods would speed up the process.

We as a nation need to provide a reliable source of energy and remain independent in the supply and production of our energy. We have as much or more of all the resources to do this and the means with which to do it. We need leaders to step up and consider the future of our people and our country.—Dale Tritsch, Hutchinson, Kansas


Our country needs natural gas. We have it in the ground. Without the gas, we will not be able to produce electricity needed to keep warm in the winter. Turn off the gas line and we will have an immediate emergency.—Alex Schroeder, Findlay, Ohio

Banning Russian Oil

Regarding Katie Tubb’s commentary, Russia presently enjoys more freedom than the U.S. (“Russian Oil Import Ban Just a Distraction From Biden’s Anti-Energy Policies”). In truth, Russia is more of an ally to conservatives than is the present occupant of the White House. 

If the Biden administration continues its quest to destroy America, we will be in the same situation as Venezuela. Why wouldn’t Biden want to get oil from a socialist dictator who succeeded in destroying his country? They think alike.

While Russia was rebuilding after the collapse of the USSR, America sent troops into the Middle East. The war destabilized the area, sending refugees to nations around the world. Some “refugees” were fighting against the U.S.

In the end, the blunder of the Afghanistan exit ordered by President Biden destroyed lives and ruined any credibility we had earned under President Trump’s term in the White House. 

Biden is the cauldron calling the pot black, continuing to send Americans into wars we shouldn’t be fighting. We should be asking: “What is he trying to hide that we should be focusing on instead of war?”—J. Dempsey


Thanks for another great article by Star Parker (“A Morally Weak Biden Invites Putin’s Aggression”). Not only did Biden crush America’s energy independence, which led to higher gas prices (not Putin!), but Biden also stopped America’s ability to export liquified natural gas. 

By exporting liquified natural gas to our European friends and allies, we can wean them off Russian natural gas, in particular the Nord Stream II pipeline.

Putin is a predator whom the good Russian people cannot get rid of due to election rigging.  As with any predator, Putin looks for the weak prey. Here is where Joe Biden has stepped in. 

Pray for Ukraine. Pray for the Russian people. Pray for America.—John Wilkerson, Germantown, Md. 


Dennis Prager’s commentary, “How Environmentalists Help Putin,” was right on target. Exactly what I’ve told some of my family and friends who sort of believe in climate change. This is just a front, a way to appease the communists, tear down our system, and cause our economy to collapse.

Even if the U.S. went totally green, that wouldn’t change one thing in the rest of the world. In fact Russia, China, and India are just a few industrialized countries that would love us to change. They would be laughing at what suckers we are.—Harold P. Terry

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