House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she was “blessed” to have five children “as a devout Catholic,” but “poor women” need taxpayer-funded abortion.

On Capitol Hill, Pelosi also said falsely that Democrats have not blocked Republicans’ attempts to ban taxpayer-funded abortions, before describing taxpayer-funded abortion as “an issue of health, as an issue of fairness.”


“It’s an issue of health of many women in America, especially those in lower-income situations, and different states, and it is something that has been a priority for many of us a long time,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said.

The House speaker then echoed a popular media description of President Joe Biden’s faith.

“As a devout Catholic and mother of five in six years, I feel that God blessed my husband and me with our beautiful family; five children in six years almost to the day,” she said. “But it’s not up to me to dictate that that’s what other people should [do], and it is an issue of fairness and justice for poor women in our country.”

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who is in charge the archdiocese to which Pelosi belongs, told The Daily Caller News Foundation in May that he has had “conversations” with her about abstaining from receiving Holy Communion at Mass because she is a pro-abortion Catholic. 

“Because we are dealing with public figures and public examples of cooperation in moral evil, this correction can also take the public form of exclusion from the reception of Holy Communion,” Cordileone wrote in the document called “Before I Formed You in the Womb, I Knew You,” adding:

When other avenues are exhausted, the only recourse a pastor has left is the public medicine of temporary exclusion from the Lord’s Table. This is a bitter medicine, but the gravity of the evil of abortion can sometimes warrant it.

“I have had such conversations with Speaker Pelosi, she knows that I stand by church teaching, and I know she’s respectful enough not to do anything so provocative,” the archbishop said in May.

“In the case of President Biden or any other prominent Catholic, I think what I would do is if I knew that they were coming into the area here and planned to attend Mass, I would try to have those conversations as well ahead of time,” Cordileone added.

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