Editor’s note: The Daily Signal’s exclusive on illegal immigrants allowed on a commercial flight out of Texas made some in our audience see red, as did our continuing coverage and commentary about the chaos at the U.S.-Mexico border. Here’s some of what’s in the mailbag at letters@dailysignal.com—Ken McIntyre

Dear Daily Signal: I am so sick of the disparity with which the U.S. government is treating American citizens and illegal immigrants (“Illegal Immigrants Fly American, Courtesy of Biden Border Policy”).

It’s U.S. tax dollars paying for these flights for illegal immigrants. Citizens can’t fly without clearance from the Transportation Security Administration. We have to abide by the rules, wear masks, get COVID-19 checks, and be harassed by airline personnel if we don’t comply. 

We have to take our country back. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”— Barbara Reda, Pennsylvania 

Dear Daily Signal: Where is the leadership of these airlines that are transporting illegal immigrants (“How TSA Explains Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Fly With You”)? Where is their voice saying “no” to endangering American citizens with this unbelievable request from the Biden administration?

Where are the major shareholders of these corporations? Why do we step aside and let this administration roll over the citizens of this great land and endanger all of us in the air and on the ground?

Have we all been masked too long? Have we lost our collective minds? Why can’t we find our backbones and shout, “No more?” Fly them on Air Force One.—Judy Schubert

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Fred Lucas’ comprehensive article on the government allowing illegal immigrants to board commercial flights. One very important, and I believe glaring, issue is onboard security. I immediately envisioned the terrible events of 9/11, but especially the takeover of the flight in Pennsylvania.

Such a situation is almost impossible to foresee, but with the blatant disregard for domestic security by the TSA and Biden-Harris, we are all sitting ducks. It is clear that, as citizens, we are “non grata” and only important for the funds the government can confiscate to pay for this dangerous and growing domestic situation.

This is not the most well-written email you’ve received, but frankly, I hope it at least reveals the anger that is boiling up within our country.—Irene Myers-Stevenson

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for allowing this U.S. citizen to voice my concerns. Why hasn’t any member of Congress initiated a resolution to recall or impeach the president for breaking the immigration laws of this country?

These illegal aliens apparently have not been screened for COVID-19, nor for any other diseases. No one should be allowed to simply walk into this country ahead of documented immigrants awaiting entry. This is madness and this is unlawful.—David Coley

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Dear Daily Signal: Can you please track down the origin of the manila folders that Fred Lucas reports are carried by the illegal immigrants? From where do they get these documents to board commercial flights (“Illegal Immigrants Fly American, Courtesy of Biden Border Policy”)?

How can someone appear to not have identification documents on these flights? How was this determined?

Lastly, I’m shocked. Can you provide any other links or details about the Transportation Security Administration’s waivers from the requirement to show ID? Thanks for your story.—Barnaby Falls

Editor’s note: We’re working on reporting more details, Barnaby.


Why is the government flying illegal immigrants all over the country and dropping them off in different states?

People need to know where these children and adults are going. American families will not want them in their houses, because they may have COVID-19 or other diseases. 

So where are they going? I think every state needs to know.—Monica Jolly


As a legal American and a paying customer of American Airlines, it is an outrage that customers are being exposed to COVID-19-infected, Illegal immigrants. 

American Airlines, and perhaps other airlines, is putting its paying customers in danger. This practice should be stopped.—L. Maurer


How do we know these illegal aliens have been tested or vaccinated for COVID-19?—Joseph Farrell, Johns Creek, Ga.


It is extremely obvious that President Biden and the Democrats are trying to pack the country with future Democrat voters.

What a shameful plan. God help us and them too. This will cause the end of our great country.—Mack Wyrick, Swepsonville, N.C.


This is outrageous! No ID to board a commercial flight? Taxpayers paying for these flights for illegal immigrants, but no response by the feds when asked about it? No masks for children?

I want answers. I want equal protection under the law.  No fine for me when I don’t wear a mask to fly.

Where do I go to complain?—Roxann Bilger

One Citizen’s Plight

Dear Daily Signal: When I see illegal aliens getting the red carpet treatment in the U.S. (“Illegal Immigrants Fly American, Courtesy of Biden Border Policy”), it makes me very angry. Why are these people getting much better treatment than citizens?

I am an American citizen, born in the USA. I am living in Ecuador. Like many other expats, I am routinely denied requests to bring my wife back to America.  

My wife is Filipino, 66 years old, and a trained physician’s assistant. She has not had so much as a parking ticket in her life. We have a home in Ecuador, and own two businesses here.

We would like to be able to travel to the USA for business and to meet my family. We have applied four times, at considerable expense, for a visa for my wife.

She reports in to the U.S. Embassy with 40 pages of documentation. They refuse to even look at her documents, and deny her entry with no appeal.

They apparently suspect she might escape into the U.S. and not return home. They don’t seem to regard having a home and businesses and owning property here as being a reason to come home.

This also prevents me from going back to visit friends and family, because my wife of seven years is also my caregiver. I am slightly disabled and can’t travel alone.

She also has been denied a visa to pass through a U.S. airport on our way back and forth to the Philippines. This results in our having to go around the world in the wrong direction, costing twice as much and taking more than 36 hours. I am no longer able to spend that long on a plane, so that prevents that journey.

My wife owns the property that the village sits on and has more than 100 relatives in the village. But she was told that she had no compelling reason to go home if she was allowed to pass through a U.S. airport.

Again, why are illegal immigrants getting privileges routinely denied to U.S. citizens and their wives?—Larry Dennis, Loja Province, Ecuador

Pence’s Take on Border Chaos

Dear Daily Signal: This may be a small point, but it needs to be said.  I agree with everything former Vice President Mike Pence wrote (“Democrats Could End Border Crisis Quickly. Instead, They’re Making It Worse.”).

In this paragraph below, though, I saw something was missing:

The savage drug cartels that profit from human smuggling will grow richer and more powerful by the day, bolstering their ability to terrorize their home nations while flooding American neighborhoods with a sea of poisonous drugs and violence.

Not only do the criminal cartels rule their homeland turf with a violent, iron fist, they have and are increasing their infrastructure, their jackbooted footprint, in our communities here in the United States. 

No business, legitimate or criminal, would take their product and leave it at the border for it to magically grow legs and transport itself to its destination.  The violent conduit of human trafficking already must be in place here, otherwise the product gladly would surrender itself to our country’s welcome arms of freedom, which would protect them from their distant oppressors. 

There must already be a system of distribution and control in place here.  Rather, a violent and traumatizing system of distribution and enslaving control. 

Sometimes reality is hard to see, hard to look at, difficult to comprehend.  This plague needs a vaccine: a wall at our border and enforcement of our laws against criminal activity. 

Thank you, Mr. Pence, for your insightful article.—Al Van Der Stuyf, Birmingham, Ala.


Illegal by any other name is still illegal. The government not only is exploiting race relations, now it’s turning the public against all noncitizens.

The mood I’m seeing is that, in getting a path to citizenship from the Biden administration, “Dreamers” are going to be treated as invaders—and that is not going to turn out well for anybody.

I ran my own business for 20 years after retiring from industry, and my mission statement was: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It’s apparent the professional politicians are totally inept.—Carl Smith


The Democrats welcomed and opened the border to illegal immigrants from Mexico and look at California today. Will this happen to the rest of this country? Biden has opened the doors wide and there is no stopping this crisis.—Linda Riggs

Questions, Frustrations, Solutions

Dear Daily Signal: It’s not surprising to me that the left is causing this unconstitutional upheaval at the southern border of the United States, the country that many fought and died for in World War I and World War II, and many other wars, to keep free.

What I don’t understand is why the people that have been here for generations have not used their constitutional right to stop the socialist/Marxist takeover of our nation. We the people have the ultimate decision for our freedom.

If every state that rejects President Biden’s policies would band together and file for his impeachment, that would be one way of disrupting his agenda. Look how Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler (and the list goes on and on) disrupted Donald Trump’s presidency. These socialist/Marxist members of Congress wasted the American people’s money for nothing.—Valerie Hall


About Shea Garrison’s commentary (“I Spoke With Residents at the Border. American Citizens Are Paying Criminal Costs Because of Biden’s Policies”): It appears to me as though the Democrats indeed don’t wish to fix this border crisis because they must have a crisis to function. If the coronavirus is on the wane, they will come up with another one to fuel their fire. 

This border crisis particularly works for them because it is worst in red states and they would like to punish us for not cooperating with their liberal agenda. They don’t care what it does to our states.—Lynn Hecht


Our representatives need to come together and sue President Biden, Vice President Harris, Speaker Pelosi and the Biden administration for crimes against humanity and endangering the lives of Americans in the border disaster.

This assault on American citizens has got to stop. The wall is paid for. Finish it, so we can at least discourage illegal entry into our country as well as drug and human smuggling or bioterrorist attacks from overseas.—Deborah Adams


Maybe states ought to force President Biden’s hand and tell him to police the border. Local law can protect citizens.—Tom Maj


Until entire communities sue for the damages caused by illegal immigration, there is no hope of change. As we learned from the Supreme Court during the election, only entities that can show damages have the “right” to file suit.

Can The Heritage Foundation help these communities?  At least send them in the right direction?—Kathryn Vanderford, Fountain Inn, S.C.


How is it that all the illegal immigrants in your photo have on identical shoes and socks (“Over 172,000 Migrants Encountered at Southern Border in March”)? Did we, the American taxpayer, pay for them? Who issues this footwear?—Nathalie Hise


Where and when did the migrants at the border get those “Biden: Let Us In” T-shirts (“Number of Illegal Border Crossings Now 6 Times What Obama Team Considered ‘Crisis’”)? Who delivered them, paid for them, knew where the migrants were and when?

The questions go on and on. Follow the money. Somebody, please follow the money.—Ronnie Maeker

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