The Heritage Foundation on Monday announced a new $1.1 million “Fight for America, Vote for America” advertising campaign.

The three 30-second ads will air for four weeks on the Discovery Channel, HGTV, the History Channel, and Fox News, and will focus on the “dystopian goals of the extreme left and activate the nation for a better America,” Heritage said.

“America’s great experiment in liberty needs defending, and The Heritage Foundation is at the forward edge of the fight for our future,” Heritage Foundation President Kay C. James said in a public statement, adding:

The radical left has a different idea about what America should be and has shown that it will hold nothing back to achieve its objectives. Many politicians who share the left’s beliefs refuse to do anything to stop the violence or to even denounce it. …

The Heritage Foundation offers hope and won’t surrender to those who only offer havoc. We will fight for America against the mob and against socialism, and we’re asking millions of Americans who love their country and the founding ideals it represents to join us.

The Washington-based conservative think tank, the parent organization of The Daily Signal, produced three 30-second TV spots. 

One focuses on the rioting in Portland, Oregon. 

The second ad focuses on the history of progress in the United States because of freedom and on how the left and socialist policies could reverse it. 

The third ad takes a “field trip” to Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea.

The ads will direct viewers to Heritage’s “Fight for America” website, where they can register to vote and engage in other ways. 

The website states: “As the far left threatens to take more control of our lives and livelihoods, Heritage proclaims this truth: Only freedom can produce prosperity and improve everyone’s quality of life. No matter who you are, protecting your freedom is our top priority. Join us as we fight for America!”

The ads outline the choice between two different visions, Heritage said, in which the “far left threatens to take more control of our lives and livelihoods and appears ready to use any means necessary to achieve power,” adding:

The Heritage Foundation, representing the views of Americans everywhere—including those who don’t label themselves conservative—advocates for the freedom that produces prosperity and opportunity, and improves everyone’s quality of life, no matter their political affiliation or background.