Abolish ICE protesters in Portland marched to City Hall, demanding Portland City Council disassociate from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The protest came after making several demands to Mayor Ted Wheeler, one of which was not using the “Portland Police to assist with any eviction of the ICE camp.” The protesters, however, feared Wheeler would break his promise.


Some of the other demands presented to the council include: withdrawing Portland from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, as ICE is a part of the group; to stop working with the Department of Homeland Security; and establish an Office of Immigrants Rights that would provide legal defense services.

Prior to testifying in front of the commission, the Portland Democratic Socialists of America chapter led a protest where over 40 people were in attendance.

One protester said in a bullhorn, “Guess what, Mayor Wheeler? By cooperating with ICE, you are a baby killer,” which was met with cheers. The woman continued, “You are helping them rip children from their parents’ arms, parents who have been so distraught they have killed themselves over it.”

She later demanded that instead of the Portland City Council “paying lip service to supporting immigrants,” that they “actually f—— do something about it.”

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly responded to the concerns by explaining that she is looking into revoking ICE’s building lease. In regard to withdrawing from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, she was unsure what the proper decision would be as some people feel that withdrawing from the organization would hurt more than help immigrants.

Commissioner Amanda Pritz added that “ICE is stupid,” explaining that ICE is neither compassionate nor enforceable. Wheeler was not present for the hearing, though his stance on not using police to evict the protesters remains the same.

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