When Hannah Scherlacher found her name on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s LGBTQ hate list, she called to ask why.

“I have never said or done anything to indicate hate for the LGBTQ community,” Scherlacher wrote in Fox News. “When I called to inquire, SPLC informed me that I am guilty because I did a radio interview with Family Research Council Radio. … The segment was about socialism, but because FRC holds traditional family values, I was labeled an LGBT-hater just for being a guest on the show. No LGBT topics even came-up.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit that claims to “fight hate” and “teach tolerance.” One of the ways it does this is by creating “hate lists,” such as the one Scherlacher found herself on. But featured on those lists are traditional, pro-family values groups such as the Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom, which are far from hateful.

Scherlacher isn’t standing for this categorization. She’s speaking out, which is why in this week’s edition of “Problematic Women,” we crown her “Problematic Woman of the Week.”

Every week, The Daily Signal’s “Problematic Women” shines a spotlight on strong conservative women, current events, and the hypocrisy of the “feminist” left. Co-hosted with Bre Payton of The Federalist, this week’s episode also takes on Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the Las Vegas mass shooting, the 45-foot “Naked Lady” statue feminists want to put up on the National Mall, and more. Watch in the video above.