America’s current financial regulatory system, begotten by some of the most liberal minds in this country, has consistently limited the ability of banks to serve their customers.

It has forced community banks to bend to the will of an ever-expanding bureaucracy in Washington, D.C., for nearly a decade.

What was this financial regulatory system that has been so destructive?

The Dodd-Frank Act—a bill passed by Democrats in 2010 that radically increased Washington’s grip on local financial institutions.

In order to encourage the jumpstart of our economy, it is absolutely critical that capital is available to small and medium-sized businesses, something that is not currently possible under Dodd-Frank.

Through outrageous and ill-thought regulations, Democrats created a financial framework that promoted “too big too fail” instead of banishing it to the pages of history forever.

The CHOICE Act that the House of Representatives will take under consideration this week combats this very problem. For the first time in years, small community banks will be able to serve their communities as they once did—without excessive burdens from regulators that stifle growth and restrict the access to capital.

Finally, the American people can take a deep breath knowing that the right legislation has been introduced at the right time.

The CHOICE Act will hold Washington accountable.

For too long, faceless and unelected bureaucrats have maintained a sense of privilege and arrogance that stems from their belief that they know not only what is best for themselves, but what is best for the American people.

In Washington, part of the obligation for those of us who are sent here to represent our communities is to protect economic liberty for those back home.

The American dream is still alive and yet, it has not thrived as it should due to the environment created by the disaster that is Dodd-Frank.

Because a strong and stable financial marketplace is the backbone of our economy, it is necessary that small businesses getting started in a garage and even those businesses expanding to new locations have access to resources, capital, and support that helps turn these dreams into reality.

At some level, legislation like the Financial CHOICE Act is the very reason why hardworking Americans sent their representatives to Washington.

Now, we have a responsibility and an obligation to uphold that trust and work tirelessly to ensure that Americans remain in control of their financial future, not bureaucrats hundreds of miles away.