ATLANTA, Ga.—Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal today outlined five policies he would pursue if elected president of the United States.

Speaking at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta among other Republican candidates, Jindal said he would “repeal and replace all of Obamacare” and implement a consumer-oriented alternative.

He called for efforts to secure the border and “crack down on sanctuary cities,” and hold local officials in those cities accountable for flouting federal and state law.

He said that shrinking the size of the federal government will help grow the economy.

Jindal said that America needs to reinvest in the military and “stand with Israel.”

Jindal added that Planned Parenthood should be defunded.

“There is no reason one dime of our tax dollars needs to go to that organization,” Jindal said.

He said that he has asked the FBI to investigate Planned Parenthood in Louisiana.

“We canceled their Medicaid contract,” Jindal said.

Jindal called for the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the allegations against Planned Parenthood.

Jindal also said that the Supreme Court is “rewriting the law for the second time to save Obamacare.”